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More than a technology, MEAN is an aggregation of 4 different technologies- Mongo DB, Express, AngularJS, and NodeJS, that together make the task of web app development swift, simple, and fast. Culminating technologies of client-side, server-side, and database, in one stack, MEAN adopts agile model of development that ensures the application attains the highest metric of quality while still retaining a tight grip on the overall development procedure. We at Biz4Group have all the required infrastructure in place, offer the most proficient of MEAN stack developers for hire, that command absolute expertise in each of those stacks, to deliver extreme business solutions at all scales in minimum time.

Mongo DB

It is a document-based NoSQL database program that is renowned for its high availability due to exceptional load-balancing and replication features. Also, its ability to handle ad-hoc queries and JavaScript execution makes it the top choice when it comes to creating dynamic content-driven applications.


This enables Android applications to be powered by the emerging cutting-edge technology- Augmented reality. Since AR is still in its nascent stage, employing such technologies in your app can offer you considerable technological leap and by extension, an industry lead.


Known for its high flexibility and speed, AngularJS is a powerful tool- more than competent to create highly responsive front-end.


One of the finest tools for server-side scripting, NodeJS doesn’t only help create dynamic pages at the server-end, but also offers high scalability and throughput in its applications.

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Our Competencies

  • Startups

    Our MEAN stack developers can identify and evaluate your business needs and create an elegant and powerful web application that grows with your business.

  • Enterprise

    Implement all these technologies on your existing web application to upscale its features, availability, and responsiveness, to ensure you never have to settle with an unsatisfied client or a potential business opportunity being lost.

  • Custom Development

    Hire Mean Stack developers to create a robust and highly scalable back-end that supports your business no matter how large it grows, thus taking the concern of constant up-gradations off your mind.

  • Technologies

    Our mean stack developers can also create highly responsive and engaging front-end to propel lead generation and push ROI.

  • Game Development

    Provide end-to-end business solutions by deploying all four stacks, which will ultimately help you to gain an upper hand on your competitors.

  • Web Apps

    We help you power your apps with cloud technology using MongoDB that not only saves time, effort and money but manages data efficiently.