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Chainlink Website – Share Your Way!

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A platform for ardent art enthusiasts in order to build an online community of content creators from various industries like visual arts, film & animation, graphic design, music and more. The website provides them with the opportunity to share their work, connect with each other and review one another’s work along with building a space where individuals from various fields come together.


Chainlink was born with the idea of creating a website where new or established artists can share their pieces of work while building a digital portfolio. The ultimate goal of Chainlink Productions was to establish a strong foothold in the Online Content Industry which will provide content creators with a platform to share their work and monetize it.

Project Features

  • Functionalities: Favorites, Search, Chat, Following and Comment Section.

  • Sorting leading to categorical data.

  • Account Creation and Registration.

  • Filteration on the basis of most views received or the most followed count.

  • Project Upload for the management of virtual portfolios.

  • Track of the number of views.

  • Modification in the portfolio.

Technology Stack

  • WordPress

  • MySQL

Client Feedback

“This was the first major project I contracted out and I'm happy with my decision of turning to Biz4Group. They have an advanced level of understanding of what it takes to create a website, even providing details I never would have thought of. They also made it a point to communicate with me regularly regarding project status which was great because I was always aware of the progress made, as well as the issues fixed even after project completion. I definitely recommend this team.”

Michael Persin CEO, Chainlink

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