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RDEXX – Live Tracking of a Widespread Disease

An online web platform that tracks the live census of people affected by a disease at large such as the COVID-19. The platform encapsulates the classification of areas based on various color schemes to depict the graveness of the spreading pandemic.


The project was developed by our expert team of web developers by using a stack of cutting-edge technologies. It encompasses the capability to spread awareness about pandemics and other dreadful diseases like COVID-19 or SARS. By deploying a color scheme feature, our developers made it easier for users to contribute information about the spread of disease in their localities. Moreover, we also added Google Map API in the project, which depicts regions across the globe that are infected by a particular disease.

Apart from that, we also added a feature that enables users to enter the Zip Code of a particular area and assess the gravity of the situation in that region. The platform also opened the door for the users to show support through their benefactions.

Project Features

  • Real-Time Data Analysis

  • Color schema makes it easily classifiable.

  • Social Sharing on various platforms.

  • Intuitive Design

  • Impressive user interface

  • Bilateral login, both via social media handles and Registration

Technology Stack

  • Code Igniter

  • MySQL

  • HTML5

  • Javascript

  • Jquery

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