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ThingsBoard: An Enterprise IoT Product Development

A comprehensive platform was built by upgrading existing applications and reaffirming the project’s proof of concept. The powerful transformation made the new design look way more impactful and efficient. The end product has turned out to be a highly responsive platform that provides real-time information to all the interconnected devices.


A dynamic and responsive dashboard was advanced to provide clear real-time insights to customers. Its upgrade to the latest version was accomplished by our technical experts’ team and the user interface was also ameliorated successfully.

Project Features

  • Responsive Dashboard

  • Attractive Design

  • User friendly

  • Technology Upgradation

  • Customization, Personalization and Branding

Technology Stack

  • AWS IoT Core

  • AWS Lambda

  • NodeJS

  • DynamoDB

  • MySQL

  • Angular

Client Feedback

“They always welcomed and encouraged our input, and they never hesitated to offer their suggestions. Their excitement was infectious, and they maintained the same level of motivation throughout the entire project.”

-Marc Taccolini, ThingsBoard

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