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Trial Proofer: Amendment Progression

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Trial Proofer application is client-facing legal automation that gives rise to the concept of a virtual law firm known for delivering services to clients at a distance using technological means of communication. It is shaped in the same way as a traditional law firm and comes with an opportunity of tracking of important deadlines.


Trial Proofer is a powerful, innovative and secure solution for the distribution of online Legal Services. This streamlines the processes like supervision of cases and management of shreds of evidence and witnesses that helps attorneys to work smarter and gains a competitive edge in the market. It is capable of successfully showcasing the specification of inputs and execution conditions.

Project Features

  • Case Map

  • Index to Authorities

  • Individual Witness Proofs

  • Cross-Examination Check List

  • Global/Master List of Proofs

  • Chronology Display

  • Login Registration

  • Facility of New case addition

  • Legal Test tab

  • Witness Test Tab

  • User Friendly

Technology Stack

  • Angular 8

  • Python

  • ORM

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