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Biz4Group is a transparent, supportive and interactive organization. Client success is its inspiration. Expressing excellence through complex problem solving is its forte.

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With over 15 years of industry-wide experience, Biz4Group is among the renowned groups operating and serving in the IT domain offering solutions across the globe. The company offers a wide array of services ranging across web, mobile and enterprise niches. The company is predominantly known for offering solution in latest technologies like IoT and Wearables. Based in the USA we have highly qualified team of over 50 developers and support staff. Our experienced resources are all-equipped with latest industry ideas and development tools.

Our critically chosen and finely implemented practices are best employed with streamlined methods to serve advanced business automation and computing needs, most resourcefully. We are affiliated members of leading organizations and alliance with leading industry experts to translate our offerings of high quality and credibility to your business.



Our vision is to be the most entrusted IT organization by deep collaborations with our partners. We strive to be a multibillion-dollar organization while delivering innovative solutions to make the world a better place.


We provide innovative IT solutions in cutting-edge technologies to enterprises which range from start-ups to fortune 100 companies. We work with our clients as trusted advisors tobuild long-term relationships instead of short-term gain. We invest our collaborative energies in forming strong client relationships instead of building portfolios.


We are devoted towards our stakeholders and our core values define our integrity, honesty, empathic leadership, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect that contribute in stakeholder’s prosperity.

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Our Management

Why We Recommend Staff Augmentation ?

You might be asking, Why IT staff augmentation? Yes, you can hire more full-time employees who will be along for the long term. But do you really need that? Because you may not always need additional staff. instead, sometimes you only need highly skilled workers to churn out important work and then be done.

Biz4Group offers best in class staff augmentation services that help you quickly ramp up your team to get your work done. We take care of all your human resource needs so you will not only save money but also will be focused on fulfilling your technical and business requirements.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    Cut cost without compromising quality by bypassing the cost of investing in internal skill development.

  • Direct Access

    Maintain direct access to our team members with a smooth integration into your existing staffing model.

  • Confidentiality

    Our contracts include a non-disclosure clause that prohibits staff from revealing any confidential information.

  • Time Efficient

    Save hiring process time and concentrate more on your project. Your projects are completed on or before your timelines.

Benefit from
Agile methodology

We, at Biz4Group, utilize the agile method of project execution to ensure an out of the box product delivery. As it offers a light framework for assisting teams, it helps us function and maintains focus on rapid delivery. It assists us in reducing the overall risk associated with the projects.

High Product Quality

Using the principles of continuous design improvement and testing allows project teams to work on your feedback and improve the product constantly.

Transparent Production

Regular meetings, part of the agile methodology, allows project teams to share progress, discuss issues and work out solutions.


The participation from both sides, You and Us, will make sure an out-of-the-box product development, according to your needs.

Fast time to Market

The iterative nature of agile method means that the end product is ready for market, lets you stay ahead of your competitors and reap the benefits.

Range Of

Being in businesses for over 15 years and serving businesses worldwide with custom web and mobile development solutions working on the latest technologies, we have gained a reputation of highly dependable organization that delivers significant value with the fine virtues of quality and commitment.

Our expertise in the field range across industries like automotive, travel, healthcare, telecom, hospitality, retail, and media. We have always strived to be ahead of the technology curve with our never-ending carving to work with the most recent technologies in the block. And this is something that makes us so different from the other businesses in the realm of information technology. With which we becomes one of the most sought-after technology partners for attempting latest solutions.