Why Biz4Group for your IoT
App Development

As a trusted IoT app development company, we have helped businesses leverage data analytics advantages. Our expertise from device to cloud to analytics & applications helps you to connect, monitor & manage your devices & equipment through a central dashboard.
We build smart IoT app development platforms to promote evolving, seamless and efficient functioning at every level. 

IoT App Development

We provide our clients with innovative, unique and highly effective IoT development
services that can be game changers for their enterprises.



From lifecycle management to connecting several devices to sensors to strategizing, our expert IoT consulting team takes care of everything for you.


POC & Prototype

To generate the maximum output from a project, we deliver IoT products that are in sync with the core functionalities.


IoT Mobile &
Web Apps

With the use of the best in technologies and development, we build platforms for you that are both mobile and web friendly and play a pivotal role in streamlining your business.


Industrial IoT

Our experts develop end-to-end industrial IoT solutions catering to the critical needs of your business development and enabling you to develop clear insights into the various business stages, such as manufacturing, supply chain management and smart homes, etc.


Product Development &

With the use of the best software interface architecture, we strengthen the communication between IoT sensors and gateways and help you to build robust IP strategies.


IoT Wearable

With our services in app development for smartwatches, we are enabling the creation of connected wearable infrastructure that will surely change the scope of your business applications.



We develop integrated and innovative IoMT apps that help you to provide exceptional medical care, improve staff productivity, etc.


IoT Data Analytics &
Data Visualizations

Efficient data management is the key to the success of any enterprise and can be utilized to investigate historical data, monitor assets’ condition & performance in real-time and develop valuable insights.


Achieve new heights
with our IoT
developer’s expertise

in global verticals.

Transform your app ideas into a reality!


Our Success Stories

Our attention to detail, focus on speed and smooth management enables us to stand ahead of our competitors and achieve customer satisfaction with every project. To ensure the exponential growth of your business, we develop well-designed, efficient and reliable IoT platforms that are sure to play an imperative role in the growth of your success.

Industries that we
Serve in IoT App
Development Solution

• Healthcare-IT

• Retail

• Logistics

• Smart homes

• Transportation

• Manufacturing

• Agriculture

• Food and Beverages


Key Offerings from
Biz4Group for your IoT
App Development

We have designed and developed many IoT apps and helped businesses worldwide to seamline their operations successfully. Our critically chosen and deliberately implemented business practices, complemented with streamlined methods, serve advanced business automation and computing needs.

Hardware Prototyping & Support

We build hi-tech and robust IoT applications that consider firmware requirements, industrial design considerations, hardware components and more.


Embedded Software

We integrate various network protocols such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and others, to ensure the smooth functioning of your platforms.


IoT Centralized

Our impactful and real-time dashboards are developed to visualize, display and organize data, connect devices and make operations smooth without much effort.


Mobile Apps for
Connected Devices

Delivering hundreds of apps in various niches, we develop exceptional IoT platforms that are high quality, time and cost-effective.

Features of Custom IoT


Meet The Global Leader Delivering
Biz4Group Award-Winning Services

Simply the best at conceptualizing and creating solutions, Sanjeev Verma has established a niche name for himself in the IT domain in the last 20 years. With his core expertise in the development, implementation, and monitoring of digital solutions ranging from IoT solutions & products, mobile, and web development, and digital marketing to full stack development, Sanjeev has been the technical force behind the success of some global giants such as Disney, Marriott vacations, Statefar, Mastercard, Oracle, etc.

Sanjeev Verma

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Technical Architecture

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Backend API


We are a one-stop
destination catering

to your diverse IoT
App Development

To collaborate with the best!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

We use the best security practices to ensure the security and confidentiality of your IoT development. With multiple layers of security and data encryption, our goal is to identify, resolve and maintain your problems at every level.
We provide round-the-clock maintenance & support services to ensure the smooth functioning of your platforms.
The time taken for the development of your IoT applications is dependent on a lot of factors, such as the choice of technology, features, complexities, etc. At Biz4Group, we develop your app between 4 to 6 weeks.
Depending on the choice of your technologies and development, the approximate cost of your IoT apps starts from $10,000 - $15,000.