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Biz4Staffing is a robust staffing software solution that empowers staffing agencies like yours. Our customizable software is designed specifically for the unique needs of staffing companies, offering a comprehensive suite of features to optimize your operations and deliver exceptional results.


Candidate Matching

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Features That

Go Beyond ATS

In-App Communication

The staffing solution facilitates communication between job seekers and employers. This helps both parties exchange information about shifts, job requirements, and other vital details. Staffing companies can get access to all the communication for monitoring purposes.

Worker Time Management

Staffing agencies can effectively track and manage worker hours, shifts, and time-off requests with Biz4Staffing's intuitive staffing scheduling software. They can gain valuable insights into worker availability and streamline the scheduling process for maximum efficiency.

Payroll Management

Our staffing agency software simplifies the payroll process with an integrated payroll management feature. The staffing agencies can automate calculations, generate pay stubs, and ensure accurate and timely payments for their workforce, eliminating manual errors and saving valuable time and resources.

Automated Notifications And Reminders

Biz4Staffing keeps all stakeholders informed and up to date with automated notifications and reminders. It sends notifications for important events, interview schedules, shift changes, and more, reducing manual communication efforts and improving efficiency.

Custom Forms With
Drag And Drop Functionality

Employers can create personalized application forms effortlessly using Biz4Staffing's drag-and-drop functionality. They can easily tailor the forms to match specific job requirements, making it easier for candidates to apply and for companies to collect the necessary information.

Efficient Appointment Scheduling

Biz4Staffing streamlines the process of scheduling interviews, client meetings, and candidate evaluations with its integrated appointment scheduling feature. Employers can eliminate the hassle of coordinating schedules, allowing them to focus on finding the perfect candidates.

Seamless Payment Integrations

Biz4Staffing streamlines the process of scheduling interviews, client meetings, and candidate evaluations with its integrated appointment scheduling feature. Employers can eliminate the hassle of coordinating schedules, allowing them to focus on finding the perfect candidates.


Integration With
Enterprise Systems

The staffing software seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise systems, such as CRM or accounting software, to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. Both staffing agencies and employers can benefit from this.

White-Labeling For
Brand Consistency

With Biz4Staffing's white-labeling feature, staffing agencies can present a professional and consistent brand image to their clients. They can easily customize the software with their branding to create a seamless experience that builds trust and credibility.

Permission-Based Access For Enhanced Security

Biz4Staffing empowers both staffing agencies and employers to maintain control over their sensitive data. With permission-based access, the software assigns different access levels to the team members, ensuring that only authorized personnel can view and manage confidential information.

Marking Every Checkpoint Of


  • arrowCandidate management

  • arrowOnboard shifters and job providers

  • arrowPost jobs and hire Shifters

    arrowInvite and refer Shifters

  • arrowPost jobs and hire Shifters

  • arrowInvite, bookmark, and waitlist Shifters

  • arrowAdd Sub-staff members

    arrowView and review timecards

  • arrow Get onboarded to the platform

  • arrowApply for Jobs in preferred proximity and category

  • arrowLog working hours easily using the app

    arrowManage applications and schedule.


One Staffing Solution

For All

Blue Collar Recruiters

Whether you're sourcing workers for manufacturing, construction, transportation, or other skilled trades, Biz4Staffing provides the tools and features to streamline your blue-collar staffing operations.

White Collar Recruiters

From administrative roles to finance, marketing, IT, and executive positions, Biz4Staffing is equipped to handle the unique demands of white-collar staffing, helping you find the best candidates for your clients' professional roles.

Widespread Usability

Across Industries

Biz4Staffing is designed to cater to a wide range of industries, enabling staffing agencies to effectively serve their clients across different sectors. Some of the industries Biz4Staffing is built for include:

Manufacturing And Industrial

Construction And Engineering

Healthcare And Medical

Hospitality And Events

Information Technology

Finance And Accounting

Retail And E-Commerce

Logistics And Transportation

Education And Non-Profit

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Yes. We can customize Biz4Staffing for your staffing needs. The staffing software is built on a very flexible architecture that allows us to implement additional functionalities and integrate them with third-party services.

Yes. The staffing application can automatically schedule shifts for job seekers and keep track of their time and attendance. This can save time and eliminate errors associated with manual scheduling and timekeeping.

Yes. The online staffing software can track the location of job seekers and provide real-time updates to staffing agencies and employers. This can help them manage their workforce more efficiently and ensure that they are meeting their job requirements.

Biz4Staffing offers key features specifically designed for IT staffing:

  • Skill-based Matching: Advanced algorithms match IT candidates with job opportunities based on their specific skills and expertise.

  • Resume Parsing and Screening: Automated parsing extracts relevant information from resumes, streamlining the screening process.

  • Technical Assessments: Conduct practical assessments and coding challenges to evaluate IT candidates' technical skills.

  • Certification Tracking: Manage and track IT professionals' certifications to ensure compliance with job requirements.

  • Interview Scheduling and Collaboration: Schedule interviews, manage calendars, and facilitate collaboration between recruiters and IT candidates.

These features empower IT staffing agencies and organizations to efficiently source, evaluate, and select qualified IT professionals, supporting successful IT staffing endeavors.