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Our Generative AI Consulting Services

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We build ML-powered AI chatbots that are powered by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning.

Customer Service Chatbot

Tech Stack for
Generative AI Development

  • Languages – Python, Next.JS, React, Node.JS
  • DBMS – PostgreSQL, Milvus, Mongo DB
  • Frameworks and Tools – OpenAI, PyTorch, Django, NLP, FastAPI
  • Cloud - Google Cloud, AWS, Microsoft Azure, OCI AI
  • NLPs - IBM Watson, Google Dialogflow. Azure Language Processing

Why Biz4Group for Generative AI Consulting?

Our Generative AI Chatbot Development Experience

Customer Service Chatbot

Chatbot for Immortal Thoughts

A chatbot that pays attention to users' life stories, allowing their loved ones to delve into their life experiences. This chatbot solution utilizes OpenAI to generate thoughtful and probing follow-up questions.

Project Highlights:

  • ChatGPT Integration
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • AI Training through Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Audio-to-Text Conversion
  • TTS Model
  • AI Training by Recording and Storing the Entire Life Experiences
  • Chatbot Access Over SMS

Customer Service Chatbot

An intricately designed AI-powered Chatbot, created to elevate the customer service experience. Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, this Chatbot aims to improve communication effectiveness by providing personalized support customized to individual customer needs.

Project Highlights:

  • ML Model Training
  • Conversational AI Capabilities
  • ChatGPT Integration
  • AI-Powered Tasks Training
  • AI-Powered Chatbot Editor
  • Organization Management
Customer Service Chatbot

Biz4Group is the Top Generative
AI Development Company

As the key provider of generative AI development services , Biz4Group has solidified its position as an industry expert with over 15 years of experience. Our accomplished team of professionals, based in Florida, is dedicated to generative AI software development that incorporates the latest advancements in AI technology.

Biz4Group specializes in crafting diverse AI chatbots tailored to various sectors, including eLearning, Healthcare, Fintech, and more. Whether your objective is to utilize AI-driven conversational interfaces for lead conversion, exceptional customer service, or streamlining employee onboarding, we're the team equipped for the task.

Partnering with us allows you to bring your AI chatbot concept to life, witnessing its evolution into either a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or a fully operational product.

Biz4Group is the Top AI Chatbot Development Company

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implementation? We have AI experts on board.

Industries We Revolutionize

With an aim to Unleash the next wave of productivity with AI chatbots, we offer generative AI consulting for the following industries:








Customer Service 




Transportation and Logistics





Our Chatbot Development Approach 

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As of now, the following are the top chatbot development platforms for generative AI:

  • Google: Palm and Bard

  • Open AI: ChatGPT 4.0

  • Amazon: Hugging Face, Bedrock

  • IBM Watson Studio

Being a generative AI development company, we’ve realized the following challenges:

  • Security

  • Overestimation of capabilities

  • Hallucination

  • Data privacy

  • Copyrights

According to Gartner, the following use cases of generative AI will flourish in 2023 and beyond:

  • Enhancing and Generating Written Content: Creating initial text outputs in the desired style and length.

  • Answering Questions and Facilitating Discovery: Assisting users in finding answers based on input and provided data.

  • Adjusting Tone: Manipulating text to either soften its language or make it more professional.

  • Creating Summaries: Providing concise versions of discussions, articles, emails, and web pages.

  • Simplifying Complexity: Breaking down titles, forming outlines, and extracting vital information.

  • Categorizing Content for Specific Uses: Organizing by sentiment, topic, and more.

  • Enhancing Chatbot Performance: Improving "sentity" extraction, sentiment classification for entire conversations, and generating conversational flows from general descriptions.

  • Software Coding: Generating, translating, explaining, and validating code.

The AI chatbot development cost starts from $10,000. Of course, it can go beyond that as per your requirements.