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Software Out There

Intellia IoT solution couples IoT and artificial intelligence technology for next-gen automation. It supports most of the IoT sensors and actuators out there and can be configured for any business use case. What's great is that it's not only powerful but also quick and affordable. Unlike other IoT solutions that take months to set up, Intellia IoT can be up and running in just a few weeks.

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Iot Product

Appweigh used Biz4IoT solution for fleet and cargo monitoring. The solution used GPS and weight sensors for monitoring.

Limitless Features

Real-Time Data Ingestion 

Seamlessly capture and process live data for instant insights. 

Configurable Alerts 

Tailor notifications to your exact needs, ensuring timely responses to critical events. 


Easy-to-setup AI-powered automation based on specific conditions and environment. 

Personalized Dashboard

Craft your ideal view with a personalized dashboard, putting key data at your fingertips for informed decision-making. 


Define virtual boundaries to trigger automated actions, enhancing security and control in designated areas. 

Customizable Reports 

Generate insightful reports tailored to your specifications, providing a comprehensive analysis of industrial performance. 

Digital Contracts 

Blockchain-powered secure and traceable digital contracts, simplifying transactions and compliance. 

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Applied for Multiple Use Cases


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Scalable and Robust Architecture 


Centralized Business Intelligence

Here’s a closer look at how connecting devices and applications from the shop floor to the top floor supports a variety of use cases.

Supports a wide array of devices, including both current and legacy devices across different industries. This includes compatibility with various wired and wireless network mediums, as well as seamless connectivity to databases, customer software applications, and other OPC servers.

Enable applications like MES and SCADA, as well as IoT and Big Data analytics software, to access data through various methods, including OPC, proprietary protocols, IT protocols, and export flow measurements to widely used industry formats.

Manage user access to the server, data sources, or data values, control read and write permissions, enable connecting or disconnecting client applications, and facilitate the setup of secure data tunnels.

Applied Across Industries

Oil & Gas