Built on LLMs, Fine Tuned for Customer Service

Introducing an advanced AI-powered chatbot pre-trained for customer support. The AI-powered chatbot caters to businesses across various industries by automating routine customer interactions.

What makes the chatbot stand out is its ability to perform high-stakes tasks like order and payment processing. It is equipped with Machine Learning and can learn from human-agent interactions with customers.

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Trust Biz4Group for AI

  • 50%

    increase in
    agent productivity

  • 60%

    savings in
    Operational costs

  • 80%


  • 80%

    increase in

Infuse Limitless Automation in Your Customer Support Operations

The Chatbot is Fueled by a Huge Dataset of Customer Interactions with a goal to handle end-to-end customer interactions.

  • Support ticket labeling
  • Placing online orders
  • Order tracking
  • Payment, refund processing
  • Personalized promotional emails
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Information retrieval
  • User account management
Limitless Automation

Go Way Beyond the League of Standard AI-Powered Chatbots


Power 24/7 Self-Service Everywhere

Adopt the Most Secure Conversational Intelligence

Reinvent Contact Center with Autopilot Mode 

Our customers have realized 60% automation and 40% increase in CSAT within 30 days of chatbot implementation.

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Ready to Be Tailored for Specific Business Needs

Real Estate

Streamline property inquiries, offer virtual property tours, and assist with appointments.

E-commerce Websites

Assist customers with product inquiries, order tracking, returns, and refunds.

Human Resources

Answer employee queries about policies, benefits, and job openings.

Contact Centers

Handle customer inquiries, support ticket labeling, appointment scheduling, and more. 


Assist customers with balance inquiries, fund transfers, bill payments, policy inquiries, and account-related questions.


Healthcare Industry

Schedule appointments, answer basic medical queries, and provide information on healthcare services.

Travel and Hospitality

Assist users with booking flights, hotels, and other travel-related services.


Assist users with subscription related issues, refunds, and account management.

Technologies Behind the Chatbot

People Behind Our Effort to Next-Gen Customer Support