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Biz4Intellia, an End-To-End IoT Business Solution from Biz4Group, is an intelligent integration of IoT devices (Endpoints), an IoT platform suit, and configurable business services aimed to provide enterprises with an uninterrupted end-to-end IT choreography to ensure efficient and improved business operations and their execution.

The pioneer of the IoT industry, Biz4Intellia, is a one-stop shop where all of your IoT requirements are satisfied by delivering an excellent IoT solution which is ready to be implemented within 4-6 weeks. The IoT solution is benefiting multiple industries including Transportation, Oil & Gas, Water, Healthcare, Hospitality, and Mining.Being one of the best enterprise IoT solutions, Biz4intellia delivers out of the box business services to take care of all the business needs by providing the following features:

Data Ingestion

Data collected from multiple sources (IoT devices) is prioritized and categorized to make data flow smooth for further analysis.

Advance Data Analysis

Better utilization of the heavy amount of data (collected by the IoT endpoints) through correlation pattern analysis to ensure early warning notifications.

IoT Application Development

Interact with your data by using user-friendly IoT mobile and web apps, compatible with all of the mobile and web platforms.

Reporting And Notification Management

Easily comprehensible reports, loaded with a hefty amount of data, for better report management. Easy to operate dashboards for real-time monitoring.

Network Management

Procurement of cellular network and internet service providers; and management of contract with them. Analysis and optimization of bandwidth consumption.

IoT Device Management

Plug & play gateway devices provisioning and shipping along with installation and management in future. Along with device integration.

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