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The Challenge

With the increasing trend of the mobile-first approach, enterprises are shifting their focus on creating websites that deliver an exceptional user experience even on mobile devices. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) serve as a significant advancement in terms of page loading speed and reliability for mobile browsing. AMP web pages deliver up to 85% faster page loading and performance. Technology giant Adobe faced a similar issue of slow and inefficient mobile experience for its web pages when they first approached Biz4Group. Our expert developers took up the challenge of creating an effective and fast mobile webpage experience by using Google's AMP technology.

Project Highlights

  • Converted Adobe's Desktop Pages into AMP

  • DTM Script for Marketing Campaign


A collaborative effort between Google, Adobe, and Biz4Group to create a remarkable user experience for Adobe's mobile webpages. The massive enterprise-wide project was accomplished using Google's AMP technology to create a remarkable and engaging mobile user experience. During the project development, the existing Adobe website was converted into Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) with an attractive UI that affirmed the client's thoughts while providing a spectacular user experience. The project was focused on giving the converted pages a charismatic overhaul while ensuring optimum performance.


Business Benefits

  • A successful collaboration between the top two Silicon Valley giants, Adobe and Google, fortified with the technical expertise of Biz4Group. The desktop pages for were converted into AMPs with a user-friendly and attractive interface.



"Biz4Group showcased great execution and communication on a project involving many stakeholders. I’d work with them again and would highly recommend them to get the job done."

Doug Lee, Sr. Manager, Adobe