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Case Study

How we work

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The Challenge

The advent of advanced IoT sensors and remote monitoring solutions has enabled the fleet industry to keep a close watch on critical parameters like vehicle condition, the route followed, the extent of load, etc. One of the leading fleet companies proposed to collaborate with our team of IoT experts to create a fully functional smart solution that uses Bluetooth technology and top-of-the-line sensors and gateways to monitor different fleet parameters like weight, temperature, and route taken by the transportation vessels.  

Project Highlights

  • Route Management

  • Driver Activity Monitoring

  • Vehicle Monitoring

  • Fuel Consumption Analysis

  • Real-Time Location Tracking


Collaborated with a leading transportation company to conceptualize and develop a reliable truck and trailer weight management system. It was designed to provide real-time and historical fleet monitoring data for up to 10,000 vehicles. It is a Smart Transportation Solution backed by the advanced AWS IoT platform to eliminate the unnecessary scale hardware of outdated analog and digital onboard scales. The Smart Transportation solution enables one to view and track essential efficiency stats of all equipment outfitted with the proprietary scale sensors online.


Business Benefits

  • The smart solution enabled easy monitoring of various fleet parameters like weight, temperature, and route taken.

  • Reliable and secure data transmission and real-time updates

  • The ROI of the company increased by up to forty-seven percent with the smart solution

  • Over two-thousand trucks are outfitted with the smart sensors