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Case Study

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The Challenge

Widescale expansion of technological development has produced amazing possibilities not just for the commercial but for the hospitality and housing sector as well. As a result, residential complexes have become unconventionally smart and well-connected. Our team was approached to develop a unique smart platform that could revolutionize the process of home renting and management. The proposed web application took remote management and home automation to the next level, allowing users to harness the ability to organize and automate their homes. 

Project Highlights

  • Responsive Interface and Dashboard

  • Real-Time Data and Updates

  • Third-Party Hosting

  • Automated Scheduling

  • Guest Inspections

  • Key Management

  • Restocking, Repairs, and Task Management


Developed a fully functional web application that automated home hosting and renting processes such as guest inspection, restocking, key management, repairing, and scheduling. A smart home automation application for modern renters that keeps track of maintenance requirements of homes for rent. The huge SaaS-based application was developed using AngularJS that made it scalable and easy to maintain. The huge project enabled many users to register into the application while managing the real-time data and updates. The dashboard was created so all the activities could be tracked in one place. The hosting was assigned to a third-party service that keeps the data in sync at all times.


Business Benefits

  • The unique concept of home automation had been well-appreciated by the users, with over twenty-seven thousand service subscriptions received in the launch week.

  • The business had seen a massive hike in terms of customer base.

  • Started as an MVP, the platform has added several other smart features for added capabilities and management