An outstanding live video streaming application with a built-in marketplace



The Challenge

There is no question in the fact that a large number of users are switching to live streaming apps for live updates, better quality, real-time information, etc. One of the biggest challenge in this project was Budget Constraints as the clients wanted a state-of-the-art live stream application without blowing their pockets. With the use of the best-in-class technologies, tools, and expertise we were highly successful in delivering just the same. We developed a platform that not only offered a high quality of live streaming but also allowed the users to buy some cool product through its in-built marketplace. We also used content delivery networks (CDN) to maintain high-quality consistency in video and audio.


Project Highlights

  • In-app shopping

  • Live video streaming

  • Record and store the live streaming

  • Social media integration

  • Personalized product recommendations

  • Live group-streaming

  • Group creation

  • In-app notification


By adopting an innovative approach and using advanced Tech Stacks, we built a Live Streaming Platform that is different from many other similar applications. The app offers numerous state-of-the-art features like Record and Store, Group Creation, Live Group Streaming, and many others. The fact that it consists of an in-built marketplace also makes this app further unique as well as enhances its usability. Through Personalized Product Recommendations and smart product search also makes the app par with other eCommerce apps.

Creative Designs


Technical Architecture


Leader Of The Effort



Exp: 21+ Years

Subject Matter Expert

Hemant is a technical architect with over 21 years of experience in implementing technology solutions and providing consulting services to Fortune 500 clients. He is specialized in Application/Solution Architecture, Technology Assessment, IT Modernization, systems integration and development, package implementation, relational databases and System Engineering using various enterprise frameworks, technologies, patterns and tools.

Why Biz4Group

Trusted Advisors

Skilled Developers for Deployment

Collaborative efforts of Subject matter Experts

On time delivery ensuring Desirable Outputs

Distinctive Quality

Offering exemplary code quality

User-friendly UI/UX

Prioritize client expectation

Continuous Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

Post Delivery Consultation

Continuous Server Monitoring

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Going Above & Beyond


Business Benefits

  • User-friendly interface results in increased user engagement

  • High-quality live video streaming attracts users

  • Push and In-app Notifications allows users to stay updated about the various events and promotions

  • Features like Record and Watch Later are aimed at further enhancing the user experience.

Why We Use Reusable Technical Components

  • Efficiency: Reusable components help us save development efforts and deploy the application faster and for less cost.

  • Consistency: With the primary functions being consistent, we get greater control and scalability of the app.

  • Proven Codebase: Various developers have used the code many times, making the functionality already proven in the field.


Role as trusted advisors

  • Facilitating value-added artifacts like Architecture diagrams

  • Design Guidelines

  • Regular Status reports

  • Review calls

  • Best Coding practices and test cases

  • Advance Deliveries

  • Regular inputs for Product Enhancement

  • Post-deployment technical support

  • Consultation

Extra Efforts To Make Product Successful

  • Technical feasibility study, business logic improvement, regular brainstorming sessions, architecture review board.


Development Life Cycle


Tech Stack