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Water Industry web and mobile app services

If you are involved in the water industry business, then it is high time that you adopt digital solutions towards taking your business to another level. Through our high-end digital solutions in the field of water industry-specific web and mobile application development solutions, we can help you manage the lifecycle of your water and waste water business infrastructure. The state-of-the-art digital solutions offered by our qualified team in the field of water industry can help partners involved cope with the various challenges they are currently facing along with staying on top of the customer’s demands.

At Biz4Group, we are capable of offering outsourced web and mobile app development assistance in the field of water industry aimed at waste water management and water data management. At Biz4Group, we are able to offer our high-end technical assistance along with app development solutions to our clientele involved in the fields of water treatment, water utilities, commercial or industrial entities ensuring sustainable use of water, and companies developing software for the water industry.When you take our help, we can serve to be your outsourced partner in developing highly interactive and user-friendly apps for various platforms including iOS, Android, and even cross-platforms.

Customized Water
Management Apps

When you are involved in the water-specific industry, we aim at delivering the best-in-class web and mobile app development services based on the unique requirements of your business. Through our highly innovative apps, you can monitor and manage all your business-related operations in an effective manner while being in touch with the end customers efficiently.

Water Quality

Through our app services, you can provide relevant water quality information to the end users to help them avail your products and services progressively. This can help in accelerating your business growth along with increasing the overall ROI.

Water Data

The water industry-specific businesses face the challenge of proper water data management. Through our robust web and mobile app development solutions in the field of water sector, you can achieve well-monitored water data management for your business.

Water Level

Inculcate the ease of tracking water level at any location through the geo-specialized web and mobile app development solutions offered by our experienced team of app developers and coders.

Automatic Meter

With the seamless integration of our IoT product with smart water meters, you can cut down the cost of manual meter reading. You would require a huge number of human resources to get the readings manually, resulting in tremendous overheads.You can provide a flexible billing cycle to your customers so that they can pay whenever they want to.


Pipe bursts and leakages cause a huge amount of loss of water as well as the power. It consumes a lot of energy (Electricity) to distribute water via a pipeline network throughout a city. Our leak detection solutions, powered by IoT, empower you to remotely monitor the pipeline network in real-time. Which ultimately results in efficient use of resources.

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  • Use of the latest technologies

    At Biz4Group, our team of web and mobile app developers is well- versedwith the latest technologies and trends towards designing and developing highly interactive applications for the water industry.

  • Expert Team

    We maintain the team of highly skilled and well-experienced mobile app developers and coders to generate the expected results for your online business.

  • Effective Data Analysis

    Only after proper data analysis and interpretation, our team begins the app development work for ensuring the best results.