Next-Gen Therapy Training: Avatar-Based AI Education App for Aspiring Therapists

It goes without saying how domain of psychology demands frequent learning, where one case differs from the other. But, wait! Are you a therapist & a coach, both? Then, for sure you need to make a balance between redundant questions that your aspiring therapists can raise, while you train them, besides attending your patients when & where needed.

NextLPC – an Avatar based AI education app for therapists, is a right example in AI education app, developed by Biz4group to revolutionize the way aspiring therapists can be trained. A study by Stanford University shows that personalized learning with AI has resulted in a 15% increase in learning outcomes & students' engagement.


What is Avatar-based AI Education App?

Avatar-based AI education app is meant to facilitate learner’s interaction with the subject matter. It engages learners throughout the eLearning course. Not only this, such AI app for education provides companionship in the absence of tutor/coach in real. Other benefits like knowledge retention & easy recall of course content becomes handy.

The global AI in education market is estimated to grow from $3.99 billion in 2023 to $5.57 billion in 2024, showing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 36.0% from 2022 to 2030.

Benefits of Building Your Own AI Therapy App

  • Enhances professional development– AI education app ensures supporting therapist coach in their teaching practices. It streamlines administrative tasks for them like grading assignments, organizing student data, etc.

  • Overcome physical limitations in education– Psychotherapy students with physical disabilities get to participate in classroom like set-up, without facing the challenges of accessibility.

  • Provides custom learning with special needs – By utilizing neurodiversity and adaptive technologies, Avatar–based AI apps adapt the content and teaching methods to cater needs of each psychotherapy student.

  • Promotes language learning– With Avatar-based AI in education , multi-lingual learning has no bar. Hence, AI avatars for psychotherapy niche not only promote learning but cultivate global citizenship too.

  • Promotes human-AI collaboration– Human educators possess empathy, creativity and critical thinking whereas AI avatars are used to augment desired outcomes, with a blend of human & AI.

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AI Avatar Features We Developed, for Aspiring Therapists

This AI education app for therapy, developed by the generative AI development company (Biz4Group) engages students with lifelike, responsive virtual teachers who adapt to individual learning styles. The innovative approach enhances your students’ engagement, facilitates their immersive learning, and offers real-time feedback, making the study of psychotherapy more accessible and enjoyable.


1. AI Avatar–Being a digital representation of the therapy coach, this AI chatbot for education serves as a user’s persona. It is available for one-on-one interaction with the students, enabling more immersive communication.

2. Voice Assistance – Equipped with NLP, the voice assistance feature offers hands-free operation, allowing the Avatar to read aloud the text in the form of speech. Besides, this custom chatbot development service can provide personalized experience by recognizing students’ preferences.

3. Case study narratives and exams – The NextLPC app provides case studies on CBT, Psychodynamic theory, Humanistic-Existential therapy, Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT), Narrative therapy, Gestalt therapy and more.

4. Questions – The Avatar-based AI therapy app provides questions & quizzes in the following categories:

  • Professional practice & ethics

  • Intake, Assessment & diagnosis

  • Treatment planning

  • Counselling skills & intervention

  • Core counseling attributes

5. Dashboard- This web app comes up with a centralized dashboard that reflects the overall progress of the student, performance, attempted narrative and results on correct and incorrect answers.


Are You Looking Forward to Build Your AI Therapy App?

An AI therapy app can revolutionize the way people deal with mental health care. Integration of AI into therapy not only reduces barriers in seeking help, but also monitors progress and offers real-time feedback. So, are you also looking forward to build your AI therapy app, and curious to know the primary steps included in it? Below are described the imperative steps involved in building the AI app:


1. Define App’s Purpose

Defining the primary, secondary and all levels of purpose expected from the app as an outcome is an imperative step in the process of app development. Not only this, but the app should also possess the flexibility to grow and adapt in response to user feedback.

In case you want a mobile app for therapy too, the Biz4Group team specializes in mobile app development services

2. Understand the Target Audience

Understanding the needs and preferences of the target audience is an unsaid requirement. Consider factors such as gender, age group, cultural background, etc. For example, NextLPC being an educational app for aspiring therapist targets the audience who are medical students, and that too in psychology.

3. Opting the Right AI Technology

Choosing the right technology enables a great user-friendliness through the app. Machine learning experience and Natural Language Processing (NLP) enable natural interactions and personalizing the user experience while opting a suitable AI technology for AI education app.

Advanced technologies used for NextLPC – D-id, Mongo, React, NextJS, Node, Sentry, Stripe

4. Designing User Interface

The design team should focus on building an intuitive user-interface (UI). They should use clear & simple language, and highlight important features to enhance the usability of the app.

5. Spontaneous conversational flows

While we are speaking of building an Avatar-based AI app, spontaneity in conversation is something that needs to be present, while one is interacting with the Avatar/chatbot.

6. Ensure data privacy & security

Implementing robust encryption method is crucial in any app development, but becomes a necessity for securing health data. Clear information on how users’ data will be protected needs to be conveyed transparently.

7. Testing and Iterate

There is always a scope for improvisation. Hence, testing and gathering feedback becomes the important step to finalize a model for app development. The feedback should then be utilized for iteration and performing updates, periodically.


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1. How does the Avatar-Based AI Education App enhance the learning experience for aspiring therapists?

The app utilizes AI-driven avatars to provide interactive, personalized instruction, simulating real-life therapy scenarios. This hands-on approach helps students develop practical skills and gain confidence in a controlled, supportive environment.

2. What features does the app offer to support my training as a therapist?

The app includes lifelike avatars for role-playing, real-time feedback on your performance, customizable learning modules, and progress tracking. Additionally, it offers resources like case studies, quizzes, and interactive exercises to reinforce learning.

3. Is the Avatar-Based AI Education App suitable for all levels of aspiring therapists?

Yes, the app is designed to cater to various experience levels, from beginners to advanced learners. It offers tailored content and exercises that adjust to your learning pace, ensuring that you receive appropriate and effective training throughout your journey.

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