Advanced Finance Platform for Moving Cost

The proposed platform would allow registered customers to quickly get the required financing for moving costs based on their respective credit histories. The automated financing platform also provides an option for vendors to generate qualified leads and help users to choose appropriate moving vendors as per their needs.

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Client Feedback

I have heard a lot of bad things about software developers but one thing I can tell you is that this company was unbelievable. The professionalism they brought to the table was unreal. They never once said they couldn't do something. Everything we asked was done very quickly and accordingly. We met through zoom like twice a week and every time we met there was a lot of work done. We developed a CRM and they were highly knowledgeable and helpful. They provided advice that was helpful and allowed us to expand our thoughts on the CRM. I highly recommend using them as they are efficient and knowledgeable. Overall Great Experience

Gal Gmach is President & CEO - Charm Financial

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