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Interactive Prototype

Interactive Prototype Phase includes following Artifacts

  • Requirement Analysis

  • The flow of screens

  • Finalization of High-level Requirements

  • Architectural Feasibility (Technology/Platform/Design Finalization)

  • Graphics Design

  • Finalization of Low-Level Requirements

  • Design review meetings

  • Look & Feel and Theme selection

  • Competitive Product Analysis

  • Creating Brand Guidelines (If not already)

Note: All this for $150 per screen only

Interactive Prototypes

Just like our many other clients you can save huge cost and time if you go for Interactive Prototype first.

An Enterprise Blockchain

eCommerce Web App

A platform giving a glimpse of Covid19 scenarios

Marketplace with traditional bartering system

Customized Mobile App for Meditation Box Booking

Excellent example of Accelerated
Mobile Pages

eCommerce App For On-demand
Fuel Delivery

eCommerce Platform For Medicine And Healthcare Products

Communication Platform For Players And Coaches

A Subscription Based eCommerce Platform For Products And Services

A Unique Platform For Managing Real Estate Contracts.

Utility Dashboard To Help Manage Business Specific Tasks And Functions

Collaborative Platform For Women

Unique Solution To Facilitate Business Functionalities

Dashboard To Help Specific Users Control Key Functions In A Production Plant

eCommerce Platform For The Branding And Sale Of Golf Tumblers

A Simplistic Website For Users To Purchase Lottery Tickets And Win Rewards

Unique Platform For Users To Get Their Bucket List Turned Into Reality

eCommerce Platforms For Medical

Interactive Online Learning Platform For Students And Parents

eCommerce Marketplace for Buying and Selling Seafood and Pets

Website for Article Publishing and Promotion

eCommerce Marketplace Mobile App for Fashion and Accessories

Mobile App for Quick and Secure On-demand Deliveries

Healthcare Platform for Users to Avail Medical Services and Jobs

Driving Academy app for Instructors and Students

e-Learning App for Teachers and Students

Innovative Management Platform for Gym Owners, Coaches and Athletes

Package Protection and Tracking Services for eCommerce Merchants

Training website for Job seekers

A full-scale platform to facilitate real estate transactions

Event Booking and Planning Website

Automated financing platform for moving cost

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