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e-Learning App for Teachers and Students



The Challenge

With recent developments and a shift in technology trends, the focus of the education sector has majorly shifted to eLearning platforms and applications. Mobile devices and smartphones have emerged as a great medium to educate students, with the benefits like personalized hours and pace of learning. Biz4Group was presented with an idea to deliver an engaging and ultrapractical eLearning app for teachers, students, and parents. The app's interface was required to be user-friendly, and it should be able to help the students of various age groups to learn and understand things from a new perspective.


Project Highlights

  • Smart Search feature to find tutors based on filters like locations and teaching grade.

  • Live chat feature to clear doubts during the class.

  • Advance session booking to help schedule special slots.

  • Dedicated section to check and keep track of booked sessions.

  • Check received, accepted, or rejected requests.

  • Cancel class due to personal or professional obligation.

  • Chat with parents/students.


The expert team of developers at Biz4Group delivered a user-friendly online learning app specially designed to offer an intuitive learning experience to children. The app hires teachers to provide online virtual classes to students enrolled via parent's accounts. Parents can easily register on the app and create a separate profile for their children. The teachers then create online rooms for various schooling grades and provide lessons to the students. Parents can also track their children's progress through feedback that the teacher keeps providing after the completion of each session.

Creative Designs

Technical Architecture

Leader Of The Effort


Exp: 21+ Years

Subject Matter Expert

Hemant is a technical architect with over 21 years of experience in implementing technology solutions and providing consulting services to Fortune 500 clients. He is specialized in Application/Solution Architecture, Technology Assessment, IT Modernization, systems integration and development, package implementation, relational databases and System Engineering using various enterprise frameworks, technologies, patterns and tools.

Why Biz4Group

How We Work As Trusted Advisors?

At Biz4Group, we do whatever it takes to make a product successful. We are not order takers, rather our highly experienced team of subject matter experts and seasoned developers work with you to deliver added value each time.

How Quality Helps

By providing exemplary code quality, we ensure your product supersedes customer expectation with amazing UX, better usability and easy interface. This increases user engagement and overall productivity


We keep supporting your product forever with offerings like post-delivery consultation, continuous server monitoring and DB clean up. We provide cost effective, custom support plans as per business needs.

Going Above & Beyond

Business Benefits

  • The developed application is a feature-rich and intuitive app to help promote quality education among children.

  • The app stands among the top-rated eLearning apps on both app stores.

  • More than 60 tutors and 120 students/ parents have signed up on the application.

  • The app has been in the top popular apps in the education category since its launch.

Why We Use Reusable Technical Components

  • Efficiency: Reusable components help us save development efforts and deploy the application faster and for less cost.

  • Consistency: With the primary functions being consistent, we get greater control and scalability of the app.

  • Proven Codebase: Various developers have used the code many times, making the functionality already proven in the field.

Role as Trusted Advisors

  • We work with you as your trusted advisors by facilitating value-added artifacts like Architecture diagrams, Design Guidelines, regular Status reports, Review calls, best Coding practices and test cases, Advance Deliveries, Regular inputs for Product Enhancement, post-deployment technical support, consultation, and many more.


  • Provide suggestions to enhance core features, implement add-ons based on business requirement, third-party integrations to enhance security and product performance.

Development Life Cycle

Tech Stack

Client Testimonial

"They made my dream app from scratch! It wasn't an easy assignment - definitely a lot of work. The skills of the team shows in their attention to detail and ability to quickly solve problems. In a project as big as mine, communication is key. The project manager and team CEO always made time for frequent meetings. We started on the prototype with a nice designer to get a clear idea. After collaborating on the design and functions, they focused on the backend, sending me the updates through downloadable versions of the app. They finalized things by effectively setting the app up for success. Overall, a complete and professional process. As a self-made entrepreneur, I would strongly recommend these developers to startups or those trying to improve business with technology. "