On-demand enterprise solution



The Challenge

The project concept was pretty innovative and complex, one that was never seen before. But that’s what the team at Biz4Group was excited about. To be the trusted development partner for the client’s business platform and help him transform the idea into a much profitable solution. The challenge was to create a simple yet engaging mobile app to help customers book the services of beauticians and makeup artists from anywhere, at any time.


Project Highlights

  • Single app for both customers and artists.

  • Social media sign-up for a quick and hassle-free registration

  • Check availability in nearby areas and book services as and when required

  • Rating & review feature for both artists and customers

  • Push notifications for real-time updates of appointments

  • Daily reminder for today's appointments for both artists and customers


An amazing on-demand application that is second to none. Extraordinary performance, exciting features and a spectacular UI; everything that makes for a great user experience and utility. The client’s vision for his business app was quite dynamic and challenging. Our team at Biz4Group had to work around a lot of technical complications within a tight timeline.

The resultant; an app that would serve as a fantastic platform to connect Makeup artists and customers. Users just have to sign up with their email or social media account and start exploring. The app allows them to choose from a list of numerous services for makeup, hair, nail, bridal, and so much more. Both artists and customers can use the same app to get the job done, just select either one between "I'm an artist" or "I want to hire an artist" while signing up

The artists can also create profiles, showcase their work portfolio and manage the bookings without getting into much hassle. The app also allows for secure payment and schedule management.

Creative Designs


Technical Architecture


Leader Of The Effort


Sanjeev Verma

Exp: 20+ Years

Subject Matter Expert

Sanjeev Verma has been actively conceptualizing and creating software solutions for the past 20 years in the IT domain. He has worked on technical leadership positions with Marriott Vacations, Disney, MasterCard, Statefarm, and Oracle. He has been a key player in developing, implementing, and monitoring Digital Solutions ranging from IoT solutions & products, Mobile and Web Development, and Digital Marketing to Full Stack Development and CMS solutions.

Why Biz4Group

Trusted Advisors

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Collaborative efforts of Subject matter Experts

On time delivery ensuring Desirable Outputs

Distinctive Quality

Offering exemplary code quality

User-friendly UI/UX

Prioritize client expectation

Continuous Assistance

24/7 Technical Support

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Continuous Server Monitoring

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Going Above & Beyond


Business Benefits

  • The app is designed to simplify the process of availing the services of makeup artists in the near vicinity.

  • The mobile app has helped more than 100 beauticians and makeup artists to showcase their skills and get continual business.

  • With over a couple of thousand registrations in the first week itself, the app is one of the top-rated apps in its category.

  • The process is highly automated and secure, built around the latest and greatest MERN technology stack and Ionic framework.

  • The integration of secure payment gateways and APIs improved the performance to a great extent.

Why We Use Reusable Technical Components

  • Efficiency: Reusable components help us save development efforts and deploy the application faster and for less cost.

  • Consistency: With the primary functions being consistent, we get greater control and scalability of the app.

  • Proven Codebase: Various developers have used the code many times, making the functionality already proven in the field.


Role As Trusted Advisor

  • Facilitating value-added artifacts like Architecture diagrams

  • Design Guidelines

  • Regular Status reports

  • Review calls

  • Best Coding practices and test cases

  • Advance Deliveries

  • Regular inputs for Product Enhancement

  • Post-deployment technical support

  • Consultation

Cost Low

  • With plug and play components and reusable technical modules, we bring down the overall development cost by substantial margins.


Development Life Cycle


Tech Stack