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Our Smart, Efficient & Productive Approach


The Challenge

With urban lifestyle flourishing and the world transforming into a digital space, people are often left with less time and more to do. Many users look for platforms that not just get the job done but also certify the best quality. Such is the case with car washing. There is a massive demand for a car wash service platform that helps users pre-schedule washes and services without constantly keeping them on their toes.


Project Highlights

  • Quick booking on prescheduled slots

  • Request to add service location

  • Add special requests and time considerations

  • Tip feature for washers

  • Secure payment transactions

  • Manage and track service requests

  • Building assignment based on washer availability

  • Automated wash assignment

  • Mobile-responsive UI

  • Manage service slots for buildings and washers


Designed and developed an innovative and powerful car wash scheduling platform for one of the most visionary start-ups in the States. The amazing web app allows users to avail of different services under different car wash categories without even going through the traditional registration process. They can see various categories, choose a particular service and proceed further by creating a booking request for the same day or upcoming dates. They can add service requirements and time preferences and even request new buildings to be serviced. Later, upon wash completion, customers can rate the washers and send a direct tip as a reward.

Washers can easily navigate to the customer’s place to complete his job/ service and view prescheduled washes of the month to plan his schedule conveniently. Additionally, there will also be an admin panel to manage all the back-office functions and monitor the different data and actions executed on the application platform and set restrictions.

Platform UI/ UX Design


Technical Architecture


Leader Of The Effort


Sanjeev Verma

Exp: 20+ Years

Subject Matter Expert

Sanjeev Verma has been actively conceptualizing and creating software solutions for the past 20 years in the IT domain. He has worked on technical leadership positions with Marriott Vacations, Disney, MasterCard, Statefarm, and Oracle. He has been a key player in developing, implementing, and monitoring Digital Solutions ranging from IoT solutions & products, Mobile and Web Development, and Digital Marketing to Full Stack Development and CMS solutions.

Why Biz4Group

How We Work As Trusted Advisors?

At Biz4Group, we do whatever it takes to make a product successful. We are not order takers, rather our highly experienced team of subject matter experts and seasoned developers work with you to deliver added value each time.

How Quality Helps

By providing exemplary code quality, we ensure your product supersedes customer expectation with amazing UX, better usability and easy interface. This increases user engagement and overall productivity.


We keep supporting your product forever with offerings like post-delivery consultation, continuous server monitoring and DB clean up. We provide cost effective, custom support plans as per business needs.

Going Above & Beyond


Business Benefits

  • Business owners can predict their revenues with prescheduled bookings.

  • Smooth and efficient booking system resulted in over 87% growth in the user base.

  • Hundreds of car washes are scheduled and completed daily.

  • More than 100 buildings approved and functional on the platform.

  • 53% rise in the revenue stream.

Why We Use Reusable Technical Components

  • Efficiency: Reusable components help us save development efforts and deploy the application faster and for less cost.

  • Consistency: With the primary functions being consistent, we get greater control and scalability of the app.

  • Proven Codebase: Various developers have used the code many times, making the functionality already proven in the field.


Role As Trusted Advisors

  • We work with you as your trusted advisors by facilitating value-added artifacts like Architecture diagrams, Design Guidelines, regular Status reports, Review calls, best Coding practices and test cases, Advance Deliveries, Regular inputs for Product Enhancement, post-deployment technical support, consultation, and many more.

Cost Low

  • With plug and play components and reusable technical modules, we bring down the overall development cost by substantial margins.


Development Life Cycle


Tech Stack