10 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your eCommerce Site

With e-Commerce emerging as the winner of the long race, there is no rocket science in understanding why big and small enterprises in all parts of the world are shifting towards developing e-Commerce sites. With many technological marvels like AR, personalized UX, chatbots, AI, and much more these platforms are emerging as the champions for customer servicing and satisfaction. Big data analytics and API-driven development are some of the other essential tools that are helping businesses to make the most of their eCommerce platform.

Whether you are new to the e-Commerce sector or someone who has been practicing it for a long now, we at Biz4Group, one of the leading eCommerce development companies, incorporate the best tools, technologies, and strategies in your eCommerce sites to keep you ahead of your competitors and keep the revenues flowing.

Here are 10 powerful strategies to improve your eCommerce site for better sales and revenue prospects.

1. Build on your mobile strategy


In today’s time and age, when mobile phones have become an extended part of the human body, it is imperative that your eCommerce sites are responsive to any user layout. Studies show that 75% of smartphone users tend to turn their back on an eCommerce site if it is not optimized for a mobile device. This clearly shows how important mobile commerce has grown since 2016 when it accounted for just 0.96 trillion USD in eCommerce sales. Today, with a percentage growth of over 200%, the total mobile commerce sales are close to 2.91 trillion USD, with 72.9% of the total eCommerce share.

We develop strong and successful mobile strategies for you that pave the way for multiple opportunities for your eCommerce business in terms of marketing and revenue generation. We firmly believe that a Mobile-optimized website and smartphone app can help completely transform customer service with added flexibility and simplicity. Our team of experts, with their experience and expertise, works hard toward developing eCommerce platforms that not just attract users but also generate a high rate of conversions.

2. Brush up your Design & User Experience

The fact that a functional and appealing platform never goes out of vogue can very well act as the driving force for creating a successful eCommerce website. We develop eCommerce platforms that are not just intuitive but intriguing as well. Time and again, it has been observed that eCommerce sites that consist of unappealing design, confusing navigations, lack of information, and complicated interfaces fail to attract users, consequently resulting in the failure of the entire business. It is crucial to understand that with the use of good and appealing designs, easy navigations, excellent user interface, and much more, not only are you taking big steps towards attracting the users to your page but also significantly boosting your sales.

At Biz4Group, we have a far-reaching experience in the eCommerce domain that enables us to quickly deploy customized web and mobile solutions for any eCommerce business.

3. Make informed decisions with data analytics

Data science and its applications have transformed the business sphere by drawing out the latest trends and helping enterprises identify potential bottlenecks. As an ecommerce solution providers, we firmly believe that Data analytics has become a pre-eminent part of the decision-making process for most businesses. By incorporating the feature of data analytics in our eCommerce sites we aim at providing many positive changes for our clients. These include an elevated shopping experience, customizations, secure online payments, dynamic customer service, a significant rise in sales, and much more. Similarly, data analysis can be used in an assorted range of applications in the eCommerce retail industry and bring an effective analysis of purchase, profit, loss, and various other potential parameters relevant to market success.

4. Relevant Recommendations


We use good recommendation engines that can help your eCommerce business take the competitive lead. It essentially works by applying algorithms to the huge data sets that are generated by user interaction on your eCommerce platform. The recommendation engine then delivers user-specific recommendations based on their search history and product interactions.

The simple fact remains that users enjoy personalization. Our use of a strong recommendation engine offers a precisely configured shopping experience to the users by showing them more of the relevant choices. We build distinct strategies from the purchase history consisting of buying habits and the favorite product category of a user. This in turn allows enterprises to significantly improve their market outreach and customer retention.

5. Use Personalization in your marketing strategies

Customizations and personalizations have become the key to sustaining and surviving in highly competitive eCommerce platforms. We use customization strategies for eCommerce platforms which not enable you to stand out uniquely but also improve your user experience and cater to the diverse needs of your audiences. Surveys and studies in the eCommerce domain confirm that personalizing the marketing strategies has essentially delivered great results in the form of a 6-10% revenue surge.

As a seasoned eCommerce development company, we at Biz4Group, believe that personalizing the marketing material according to the user’s needs can influence them into buying the products right away. When a customer feels valued, he/ she tends to offer better engagement with the company. It further establishes a meaningful relationship for both the company and the customer.

6. Pick those ‘nearly’ finalized sales

Abandoned orders are a common setback for most eCommerce platforms that mostly take place due to subtle and insignificant plights. A lot of customers reach out to your eCommerce websites, spend time loading their shopping carts with various orders, but cut loose on the final purchase. There could be several direct and indirect reasons that may have prompted the outcome. However, such “abandoned carts” should never be confused as lost opportunities.

You must always try and send out quirky reminders to take them back to their saved orders. This comes across as one of the quickest ways to convert sales. We even suggest the integration of various add-ons and third-party applications that can automate the process of sending reminder emails for customer re-engagement.

7. Streamline the Checkout Process


Customers often look at online shopping as a medium to save their time and effort in making the desired purchase. According to recent studies, an eCommerce platform can increase its conversion rates by 35% just by optimizing its checkout process. We develop eCommerce platforms that save a lot of hassle on the customer side by setting up simplified navigation and an intuitive interface.

Right from the first glance at the product to the final order placement, delivering a seamless shopping experience is what wins a loyal customer. Our custom-tailored eCommerce solutions are diligently designed to lead the customer throughout their purchase journey. We ensure the experience is seamless and requires not more than 3-4 steps to reach the final checkout for both new and familiar users.

8. Social media marketing

There is simply no denying the fact that in today’s time and age, if you want a successful eCommerce platform, then its integration with the various social media platforms is a must. Your presence on these platforms enables you to not just stay in touch with your old customers but also make new ones.

However, it is essential to understand that just launching a page can never be sufficient to ensure the growth that you have in mind.

We incorporate several factors, such as funnel optimization tools, user session recordings, form analysis tools, etc., to obtain the maximum results. Our social media marketing strategies are designed and developed to generate user engagement and interaction, boost the flow of traffic on your pages, and at the end of the day, multiply the rate of conversions.

9. Email marketing

Although email marketing has been in the market for many years now, the fact remains that to date, it remains to be one of the most effective, efficient, and robust strategies for your eCommerce sites. To ensure that we are developing an effective email strategy, we ensure the use of high-quality content which has the potential to communicate easily with the users, the benefits of the products and services, create valuable promotions, and much more.

Whether you are launching a new product, or want to inform the user about a sale, an event, or absolutely anything else that is happening with your company, then there can be nothing better than email marketing strategies. At Biz4Group, we ensure the analytical monitoring of your eCommerce marketing strategies and work hard towards obtaining maximum results.

10. Search engine optimizations

To think about an eCommerce site without SEO is like thinking of tea without biscuits. Search engine optimization is one of the most vital strategies for improving the sales of your eCommerce platforms. We incorporate the many essential factors that are a must for you to develop robust and sturdy eCommerce strategies.

We develop platforms that consist of rich, informative, and easy-to-understand content that enables the users to instantly find what they are looking for. The use of the right keywords in the content not only allows your portals to rank well in google searches but also allows you to develop a cost-efficient, effective, and powerful eCommerce strategy.


“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department -It should be the entire company”, Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.

There is simply no denying the fact that the use of the best in technology and strategies is a must to stay ahead in the eCommerce domain. At Biz4Group, we deliver not just the best in technology but also experience and expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals works hard and passionately to develop strategies that have the potential to make you rule in the digital domain. As a leading eCommerce development company, we at Biz4Group, develop customized eCommerce solutions using engaging UI to help your eCommerce business succeed across the target regions.

So, if you are looking for a development company that can help you to transform your dream project into a digital reality, then it’s time for you to connect with us to get the best eCommerce platform for your business.

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