5 Key Steps to Developing a Secure Mobile Banking App.

With a gigantic increase in the number of mobile users globally, there is bound to be a rise in the number of facilities people can avail themselves of through these devices. Net banking, by all means, is fast gaining popularity and that too for all the right reasons. There is no doubt that mobile banking has made our lives super easy and convenient. With multiple options to process payments with one of the most required conditions, i.e., internet connectivity, financial organizations worldwide are switching to net banking to improve and enhance the end-user experience. We at Biz4group, are one the leading names in the mobile banking app development services committed to developing solutions that the end users love, boosting customer retention, and helping the enterprise to stand above its competitors.

In today’s time and age, where people are forever on the run, any platform that facilitates ease and convenience is sure to be a big hit. Banking is an everyday necessity. We develop highly functional, ready-to-use banking apps that are sure to be beneficial not just for you as a bank but also to the end users, i.e., your customers. Some of the many advantages of a secure mobile banking app are:

Easy Availability - We develop apps that allow you to make payments, access your account details, transfer funds, and check your available balance from anywhere and anytime.

Convenience - We are living in a digital era where with fantastic net banking apps with all the essential features, you no longer have to wait or stand in queues for hours.

Easy To Operate - We develop apps for you that are extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. Your end users will agree that net banking is far easier to operate than physically visiting the banks.

Activity Tracking - Our apps are curated to track and monitor your every financial move. You no longer have to worry about receipts or other paperwork. Our apps will have all the data stored for you.

Time Effective - We build apps for you that make the many banking processes, not just ultra-smooth but also quick and easy saving on both your time and energy.

Secure - Passwords are essential to not just maintain the app's integrity but also your valuable information. Our apps consist of high-security protocols that maintain a strict check on your details.

rhombus Introduction to Fintech Applications

We develop Mobile applications that automate and improve customer service delivery and better use of financial services. This technology allows bankers, business owners, and other entities to manage their finances using specialized apps and algorithms that can be used on smartphones or computers. Initially, the term was restricted to the back-end systems of different financial institutions. However, it is now considered to be among customer-oriented solutions. It includes many sectors, such as education, retail banking, stock markets, investment management, etc.

There are multiple categories in which mobile banking apps are ruling over the market like;

Stock trading,Mutual funds and Crytpocurrency

Personal Finance and Budgeting

Money Lending

Money Management

But here’s what you must keep in mind before proceeding with the fintech app development.


1) Well-structured MVP

A minimum viable product or MVP development is smart to determine if your idea is viable. MVP is a basic app feature that can be developed without additional costs. It is a cost-effective way to propose the core functionalities of your product. Essentially, an MVP is your product's basic model that will fulfil your product's primary goal. You can add advanced features to the app once it is successful in the market.

For a fintech app development, we include the most basic features in an MVP to test the market requirements. Our main goal is to develop a working product, providing immediate value, quick responses, and minimized costs. It allows you to learn more and better about your end-user demands and the market you wish to enter. A well-structured MVP will help you test the assumptions about the targeted market, lay a foundation for future development iterations, and set the steps to establish a project.

2) Feature Selection

Statista revealed that as of November 2021, there were around 26000 fintech start-ups globally. This selection was prioritized based on the best financial solutions and features that helped get more sales. The type of Fintech App determines the selection of features. As an app development company, we always analyse your target audience's needs and include the same while developing a Fintech app. The unique feature of a Fintech App is that it can be built on an existing solution. Our expert team works hard and dedicatedly to find innovative ways to improve it. Some of the common features included are:

High Login Security: Fingerprint, Facial, or Voice Recognition

Push Notifications and Alerts on the Trends

Monitoring of Savings and Budgets

Financial operations include Transferring Money, making Digital Payments, and checking your Balance

Scan QR code and Card number

Chatbot powered by AI or Virtual Assistant

Unconventional Financial Services such as Gift cards and Donations

Cashbacks, Offers, and Deals

3) Development Team

As traditional financial services are being replaced with software solutions, there is a huge rise in the demands of Fintech Developers. At Biz4Group, you can hire a complete team of developers, analysts, and designers that will work collectively toward building a successful Fintech app. You can hire Fintech developers to develop banking, insurance, lending, payment, etc. Further, you must consider their skills and prioritize their retention in your firm per the projects. Other factors like experience required, junior or senior levels, and the number of developers needed.

A well-structured app development, starting everything from scratch and ending till all the requirements are met, is entertained by a team of skilled developers. They should have proper knowledge of both technical and soft skills. One must hire Fintech mobile app developers with a set goal to save extra time and resources. During an interview, for better clarity, the authorities can consider these questions:

How did you first get into Fintech?

What do you think you can bring to this company?

What are your short-term goals for this job?

Tell us about a Fintech problem that you've encountered. Were you able to solve it? If so, how?

What is the most exciting recent development in Fintech? Why?

4) App Designing

We develop Fintech apps that are easy to use, intuitive, and offer the best banking experience to the end-users. It is possible if both cutting-edge technological innovations are combined with a great banking user experience design. Future banking will allow better integration with third-party services and an interactive and user-friendly Fintech App design. They will use external infrastructure from banking vendors to process payments and other financial services.

Different mobile banking services fully cover financial activities by combining Fintech and retail services in a seamless banking user experience. This way, a company can provide a complete UX solution to any financial issue the user may have. Open APIs and cloud storage are great options for mobile banking services on challenger banks' platforms. All platform members can use blockchain technology to speed up transactions and protect them.

5) Quality Assurance

Quality assurance improves the chances of Fintech development success. We provide enterprises with a quality testing process and eliminate the chances of errors much before thousands or hundreds of end-users begin using the application. This allows businesses to trust your product with sensitive data and private information like banking passwords and user names. It would be best to run an A/B test stage to check the user reviews. This allows you to decide if new features or any improvements are needed.

rhombus Why Choose Biz4group?

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