6 Services that Transpired Due to Rise in On-Demand Apps

Today everything is readily available from a single tap on a smartphone. With your mobile in your hand, you can now acquire almost every item and service there is from the comfort of your home in a very short time frame.

This need to instantly enjoy a service anytime within 24 hours has led to an upsurge in the development of on-demand applications. Today, there is an on-demand app available for almost every facility you’d wish for. Want food delivered at your doorstep? Just surf through a large range of cuisines in your app and order your favorite dish from a place you like.

In a similar fashion, you can now hail a taxi ride, hire a nearby handyman, and book an online appointment with your doctor without even leaving your home.

This exponential growth of on-demand apps has resulted in the evolution of the on-demand economy. In the current scenario, almost every major venture capitalist has invested in a business model backed by the term "on-demand". Hence, an app for every specific essential requirement is readily available on both the app store and play store. These apps with their intrinsic features (see image below) fulfill your every functional and non-functional requirement; and offer you benefits in terms of convenience, scalability, and profitability.


While the on-demand economy has brought a change in almost every vertical, some service segments have witnessed a complete digital transformation from its implementation.

At Biz4Group, we excel in developing fully-functional on-demand apps for such business models that help you too to be a part of the globally expanding on-demand economy.

1) Food Delivery:

On-demand apps have clearly revolutionized the concept of the door to door food delivery. These apps are favorite for people who hate to eat in restaurants or wait in long queues in front of takeaway counters.

These applications have not only helped customers to enjoy delicious meals at home but also enabled food chains and restaurants to increase sales, establish brand value, and maintain a continuous revenue stream from their regular customers.

After ordering the food, a user can track its status until the delivery personnel picks it up from the restaurant and delivers it at your home. This live tracking is also powered by geolocation & alert systems that allow you to gain in-app messages about the status of the food in real-time.

2) Travel and Tourism:

Along with on-demand apps, the advent of sharing economy has also been a major influence on the upsurge in travel and tourism applications. Apps like Uber and Airbnb are major examples that have attained the title of unicorn startups by leveraging on-demand business opportunities in this field.

With few gestures on the booking service panels of the app, a person can instantly connect with nearby taxis and choose from a myriad range of available guestrooms near him. The use of panic and emergency options on apps also enable users to enjoy their taxi rides or temporary accommodation without worrying about safety.

These apps are especially a bliss for people who’d like to go on a vacation even when they are hanging by a shoestring, as they help users to effectively locate staying and transport mediums in a new place without getting stuck in irritating situations.

3) Logistics:

The use of On-demand apps has transformed the sector of logistics as well. By mitigating the challenges related to booking complications, delivery tracking, warehouse management, and fleet supervision; on-demand apps have empowered quick point-to-point delivery of any item that is needed on an urgent basis.

With live customer notifications and SMS courier tracking, the logistics services have become smooth and efficient, resulting in quick delivery of items at a fixed homogenous price. Live tracking also ensures door-to-door pickup and delivery from the location of the sender to that of the receiver respectively.

These on-demand apps are highly successful for small distance shipping of smaller items. Such business models are very beneficial in inter-city transportation due to quick goods movement and availability for more jobs for carriers.

4) Retail and Online Marketplace:

On-demand apps have resulted in the emergence of modern-day eCommerce platforms. These apps not only empower customers to procure their desired items but have also enabled retailers to drive sales in online marketplaces.

The use of such apps has reduced time for purchase and has also allowed customers to pick from a wide range of items offered by multiple online sellers.

5) Home Services:

Today on-demand apps not only boast instant delivery of tangible products but also enable users to connect with online handymen and home services providers.

From home cleaning to laundry, equipment repairs, professional services, interior designs, and personal care; today there is an app for almost every service you'd want to be delivered at your home. Additionally, it also helps local electricians, plumbers, barbers, personal instructors, and other handymen & service providers to generate online revenue opportunities.

6) Healthcare:

The healthcare sector has undergone a disruptive transformation from the advent of on-demand apps. Instead of going through the manic process of scheduling an appointment and waiting for your turn in the anteroom, these apps enable you to gain a one-on-one consultation with your doctor.

Powered with video calling features, you can now connect directly with your doctor and gain medical advice for your illness. Moreover, it also helps medical staff and doctors to get rid of maintaining bundles of files. Additionally, after their session with doctors, the patients can even contact online pharmacies to get their medicines delivered at their doorstep.

This smoothens the entire healthcare system and also limits the crowd in hospitals and medical centers, allowing doctors and surgeons to focus freely on patients who are in dire need of medical attention. This digitization of the healthcare sector from on-demand apps not only allow people to attain personalized healthcare services but also help doctors to save more lives.


The booming landscape of the on-demand economy has revolutionized different sectors with its instant service providing capabilities and live tracking features. Today, for almost every venture capitalist, investor, and entrepreneur; on-demand apps are a goldmine since they allow them to deal with end customers directly. These apps have empowered them to create personally tailored services for their audience, allowing them to embrace better revue generating opportunities.

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