7 IoT Mobile App Benefits for Oil and Gas Industry

Your industry is located at the shore but you never got a chance to leverage your key resources!!

In an ever-growing world with technologies and leveraging the resources still is a challenge for oil and gas industry. It’s time to improve the operational capabilities of the Oil and Gas industry. Use of mobile applications and IoT in oil and gas industry with Internet of things has abolished these demerits and has leveraged the key resources like efficiency, real-time tracking of the information and many more.

The future of mobile application has been changed a lot by IoT Application Development as it has simplified the complexities of oil and gas industry in the following ways –

  1. Better Inspection and condition monitoring:
    The main advantage of using the IoT mobile app is that a large amount of data is collected by technician which can help us to take an immediate action. Deployment of the IoT mobile apps has improved the operations for environmental assessments, observation of the pipelines and refinement of the equipment.
  2. E-logbook:
    From a long time, data was maintained manually, but with time it is not possible for the companies to manage the huge operational database. This challenge is vanished by the IoT mobile applications which has their own logbook for tracking the daily activities. The whole data is reported via email in synchronization with back office.
  3. Fuel and Asset Management :
    The IoT mobile apps tell about the remote monitoring, tracking of the fuel consumption, forecasting, alerts & reports and KPI, which helps the industry to manage the usage of fuel in a proper way. Mobile applications also helps in managing the assets by scanning the bar code attached to the respective assets. These apps help in having the smart asset management system as it works as a single strategic system. One can know everything about the asses like where the asset is, what is the condition of an asset and many more.
  4. Materials Management:
    One can manage everything about material management functions using the IoT mobile applications on your devices. One can manage reorder of the materials, quality assurance, quality control and stock order transfer using IoT mobile applications.
  5. Workforce and field-force management:
    Because there are hundreds of people worldwide working on a particular assignment, tracking them all at once becomes difficult. But IoT mobile apps enables you to manage them very easily. Documentation of your travel, your working schedule and rotation of them are to be updated on time. These applications help to track, deploy and manage people whether they are on vacation or in the field.
  6. Mobile analytics and dashboard :
    IoT mobile applications help in proper analysis of the real-time factors to make a better and effective decision making. User can monitor various key points like drilling operations, progress in drilling process, reports of production and mud weight.
  7. Partner management:
    As various partners work and involves lengthy procedures and time-consuming analysis, IoT mobile apps can make more efficient partner management. No matter how many partners work with you but the selection of a particular partner and their performance analysis can be done very easily through the apps.

IoT has already covered many industries and a recent research shows that global industries will invest $6 billion in IoT application development in next five years. IoT in Oil and Gas has already transformed the futuristic goals of IoT mobile apps and has brought a smart management system into the market. With the IoT mobile apps and digital transformation, the Oil and Gas industry can leverage assets efficiently.

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