7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your eCommerce Site

The evident boom in the eCommerce domain has attracted a lot of businesses towards this lucrative and needful shift. Enterprises are investing their resources into a customized eCommerce solution that not only serves their current service model but can also scale as per their business requirements in the future.

Technological trends like AR, personalized UX, chatbots, and AI are driving the next big change across customer servicing. On the other hand, big data analytics and API-driven development are helping businesses to make the most of their eCommerce platform. Gartner, one of the world’s leading research and advisory company, predicted that by 2020 Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be dealing with nearly 85% of customer interactions on eCommerce platforms. In conjunction with AI, machine learning algorithms will be working in the backend to analyze and predict sales patterns. With the unison of these disruptive technologies, eCommerce will soon become the new normal where every actor in the eCommerce trade will be benefitted in the best way possible.

An in-depth analysis of statistics and trends pertaining to the eCommerce industry reveals a 276.9% increase in eCommerce sales since 2014. On top of that, recent studies predict eCommerce retail sales to hit USD 5 trillion by 2021. One of the major contributors to this unprecedented growth is improved customer experience. Enterprises are harnessing a data-driven approach to understand and cater to the customers’ needs by deriving meaningful insights from consumer behavior.

However, in today’s fast-changing business world, enterprises need to stay in line with technological upgrades in order to remain competitive and profitable. As a leading eCommerce development firm, we have developed strategic practices to ensure functional competence for your business model.

Here are 7 powerful strategies to improve your eCommerce site for better sales and revenue prospects.

Build on your mobile strategy

Studies show that 75% of smartphone users tend to turn their back on an eCommerce site just because it wasn’t optimized for a mobile device. This clearly shows how important mobile commerce has grown since 2016 where it accounted for just 0.96 trillion USD in eCommerce sales. Today, with a percentage growth of over 200% the total mobile commerce sales are close to 2.91 trillion USD with 72.9% of total eCommerce share.

A successful mobile strategy offers way more opportunities for your eCommerce business in terms of marketing and revenue generation. Mobile-optimized website and smartphone app can help completely transform the customer service with added flexibility and simplicity. Our eCommerce teams are well-equipped with expertise and experience to help your customers get personalized shopping experience for higher engagement and sales conversion. By analyzing the user-generated data, we can bring a gainful approach on board to help you achieve your market goals.

Brush up your Design & User Experience

The fact that a functional and appealing platform never goes out of vogue can very well act as the driving force for creating a successful eCommerce website. It is very important that your eCommerce platform is not just intuitive but intriguing as well. A lot of eCommerce businesses fail to see the spikes in their sales graph due to a complicated user interface. This aspect nearly ruins the shopping experience of your potential customers, thus leading to a higher bounce rate and discontentment. Offering a seamless shopping experience is what saves the day for the eCommerce giants across the globe.

Your business needs an interactive yet simple platform that constantly meets the need of your customers. With our far-reaching experience in the eCommerce domain, we can quickly deploy customized web and mobile solutions for any eCommerce business.

Make informed decisions with data analytics

Data science and its applications have transformed the business sphere by drawing out the latest trends and helping enterprises identify potential bottlenecks. Data analytics has by far became a preeminent part of the decision-making process for most businesses. With real-time data insights at hand, business owners can easily tap into the hidden potential across areas like finance, sales, marketing, and product development. Similarly, data analysis has found an assorted range of applications in the eCommerce retail industry. eCommerce giants are applying predictive and behavioral analysis to effectively manage purchase, profit, loss, and various other potential parameters relevant to market success.

Relevant Recommendations

Incorporating a good recommendation engine can help your eCommerce business take the competitive lead. It essentially works by applying algorithms on the huge data sets that are generated by user interaction on your eCommerce platform. The recommendation engine then delivers user-specific recommendations based on their search history and product interactions. Users tend to enjoy their shopping experience when it is quick and relevant. With a strong recommendation engine, you can offer a more precisely configured shopping experience by showing just the relevant choices. The insight is generated from the purchase history consisting of buying habits and favorite product category of a user. By offering product suggestions based on customer’s individual preferences, enterprises can significantly improve their market outreach and customer retention.

Use Personalization in your marketing strategies

Marketing strategies are often seen to be highly effective across the consumer market. Most businesses employ innovative strategies to make the most of their resources so as to improve their sales message across the target regions. In the eCommerce domain, personalizing the marketing strategies has essentially delivered great results in the form of a 6-10% revenue surge.

As a seasoned eCommerce development company, we at Biz4Group believe that personalizing the marketing material according to the user’s needs can influence them into buying the products right away. When a customer feels valued, he/ she tends to offer better engagement with the company. It further establishes a meaningful relationship for both the company and the customer.

Pick those ‘nearly’ finalized sales

Abandoned orders are a common setback for most eCommerce platforms that mostly take place due to subtle and insignificant plights. A lot of customers reach out to your eCommerce websites, may even spend time loading their shopping carts with various orders, but cut loose of the final purchase. There could be a number of direct and indirect reasons that may have prompted the outcome. However such “abandoned carts” should never be confused as a lost opportunity.

You can always try and send out quirky reminders to take them back to their saved orders. This actually comes across as one of the quickest ways to convert sales. We even suggest the integration of various add-ons and third-party applications that can automate the process of sending reminder emails for customer re-engagement.

Streamline the Checkout Process

Customers often look at online shopping as a medium to save their time and efforts in making the desired purchase. According to recent studies, an eCommerce platform can increase its conversion rates by 35% just by optimizing its checkout process. A good eCommerce platform is the one that saves a lot of hassle on the customer side by setting up simplified navigation and an intuitive interface. Right from the first glance at the product to the final order placement, delivering a seamless shopping experience is what wins a loyal customer. Our custom-tailored eCommerce solutions are diligently designed to lead the customer throughout their purchase journey. We ensure the experience is seamless and requires not more than 3-4 steps to reach the final checkout for both new and familiar users.

A quick recall

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company” Tony Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.

The world today is not just led by technological innovations but by the way it is improvised to suit your requisite. It is essential for eCommerce businesses to stay updated with the emerging technologies and latest trends. As a leading eCommerce development company, we at Biz4Group develop customized eCommerce solutions using the latest technology stack and engaging UI to help your eCommerce business succeed across the target regions.

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