7 Reasons to Choose MERN Stack for E-Commerce Development

A strong technological stack lays the foundation for your business. If you choose the right technology for your business, then the other building blocks of your e-commerce platform will rest firm. It is therefore very critical to choose an appropriate technology stack, especially for an e-commerce platform where users interact on multiple levels.

Out of the many opensource development frameworks and technology stacks like LAMP present in the market, we at Biz4Group prefer MERN stack to develop your much-desired e-commerce platform. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node paired up collectively offer the best frontend and backend capabilities that are essential in building a fully functional e-commerce website.

In comparison to the legacy LAMP stack, MERN technologies offer quintessential benefits that make us fall head over heels for this stack.

Challenges Generally faced In LAMP Technologies:

LAMP as a ready tech stack solution has become an industry-standard due to its adaptability and open-source framework. It streamlines the work and helps development teams to prepare cost-effective web applications in minimal time.

However, there are several challenges associated with its usage. Since it is not strongly typed or pre-compiled, it poses several security issues. Secondly, LAMP uses an unscalable database – MySQL, due to which enterprises are now preferring more NoSQL based

At Biz4Group we have developed several e-commerce projects by using the capabilities of MERN stack. Click here to see one such example.

databases like MongoDB. Also, the multi-threaded Apache server used in LAMP is resource-heavy that compromises the speed of the e-commerce platform.

At last, unlike the MERN stack that is entirely based on JavaScript, the LAMP stack consists of technologies from different programming languages that makes the workflow inhomogeneous and make it difficult to handle data transmission and transitions between frontend and backend.

We hence prefer the MERN technology stack to develop your e-commerce platform. Here is a list of benefits you will garner from this technological stack:

1) Better Performance:

All the open-source platforms like WordPress and Shopify are built on legacy LAMP languages like PHP. On the other hand, MERN stack includes the capabilities of Node.js that enable the capability to handle a series of actions, that too asynchronously. This boosts the ability of programs to manage heavy events and data-driven applications. Hence, the performance of the whole application is increased and the speed is boosted many folds.

2) Increased Security:

Applications developed by the MERN stack can be easily integrated with secure hosting providers that keeps the information safe from cyber-attacks. Along with ensuring the durability of data storage, these integrations help in device and user security management, allowing you to use a secure and theft-proof e-commerce platform.

3) Cloud Compatibility and High Scalability:

Since items are continuously added to an e-commerce platform, there is no way that scalability can be compromised. Along with Node.js that maximize processing capabilities, MERN stack also includes the NoSQL database – MongoDB, which is highly scalable and compatible with cloud storage. Hence, the data gathered from the e-commerce platform can be easily managed from anywhere in the world.

4) Customizable Frontend Reducing Complexity:

PHP based LAMP stack depends heavily on back-end codes and offers static user experience due to heavy HTML content and server-side scripting. MERN stack on the other hand supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that supports unlimited customization on the frontend of the platform. Hence, instead of managing the content via backend panels, you can modify your user interface to provide a unique experience to your users.

5) Code Reusability:

Components of a website developed via MERN technologies are interchangeable and reusable. It means that parts of codes from one project can be easily reused in other e-commerce platforms. These production-approved reusable components hence allow seamless and quick development of e-commerce websites with the help of ecommerce services provider, allowing you to receive your product at minimal turnaround time.

6) Flexible Modifications:

Since all the codes and components are stored on a cloud platform, it becomes very easy to test codes and make modifications in them remotely. This reduces the time of developing and testing the application in a software development life cycle and enables quick and effective alterations in the application.

7) Effective SEO:

To make an effective online presence, it is important to leverage the capabilities of search engine optimization. This digital marketing technique allow you to push your webpages on the first page of search engines and achieve the number 1 Google ranking for a particular set of keywords. To make your webpages SEO-friendly, it is important to keep their loading time as low as possible. As websites developed by MERN stack are optimized for high speed, you won’t face any issue in optimizing your website for SEO.

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Proven stack technologies like MERN are universal programming languages due to their single language usage, making them perfect for projects of every scale. Plus, their purity in terms of one language top to bottom approach is prone to gain more traction over the years, and hence young developers are reluctant to learn LAMP skills in the time to come.

While projects developed via LAMP stack are evidently cheaper than MEAN technologies, the long-term value and ROI you will gain from the latter are simply exemplary. You definitely won’t want to wager the lifetime of benefits for small initial gains.

The advantages offered by these technologies are surely going to overshadow the complications present in legacy stacks. The flexible architecture of MERN supports cloud-powered database that can handle millions of transactions and provides quality user interfaces. They offer enhanced speed for data retrieval and flexibility in deployments that makes them a perfect fit for e-commerce development.

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