7 Reasons Why Website Performance can be Beneficial to Your Business

The dawn of the digital age has brought along technological changes that have overturned lives across the world and into all strata. People, especially the millennials and Generation Z, in their busy life schedule are leaving little space for the time delays in services they opt for. And that is why it has come onto the shoulders of the eCommerce players to provide faster and smooth web and app services to their customers. Even a little time lag or loading time can cause losses to businesses.

Amazon analyzed its web and app services, which showed they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year if they slow down by just 1 second. Furthermore, as announced in 2010, Google does take website load speed into account when ranking websites. Not just this the amount of google crawlers that reaches a site reduces if the webserver is slower than 2 seconds. Considering all these facts and other associated aspects, website performance is crucial for an eCommerce business to succeed.

Let’s have a look at 7 major reasons why website performance can benefit your business:

Better web performance gives greater credibility

A number of studies performed in recent years showcase that businesses with a fast, effective and well-functioning website get greater credibility from the customer. As an example, if a company corresponds with a client with company-branded mail rather than a generic mail ID, that generates more trust with the customer. Today, going through a business website has become the first step for checking the credibility and authenticity of a customer. With the entrance of advanced web tools like chatbots and customized service options and availability of high-res images and videos of products, the companies can better perform in terms of generating traction and retaining customers.

Higher Google Ranking for Discoverability

2010 announcement by Google has brought along a lot many changes in how websites are evaluated and how they perform. By the end of 2019, there were almost 4.48 billion active internet users worldwide, which covers nearly 58% of the global population. For such a vast user base, it becomes imperative for businesses to rank higher on google search and tap their potential clientele in the best possible way. Given the practical situation, users wouldn’t prefer to keep scrolling the google results to reach out to your website, instead, they will go for the top results that Google displays. The overall exercise of having a website isn’t just about making online presence but also it serves the purpose of providing 24/7 access to your customers about your products and services.

Engaging the audience –

A bulk of data and information out on your website for the customers doesn’t make sense, because the sole reason for this exercise is to engage the customer with the precisely right content. The secret to wooing the customer lies in the storytelling that your website does on your behalf. A business must present their product or services in a way that can impact customers positively and benefit them. It has also been proven that companies with a presentable website and quality content can have greater outreach in cold-calling and email marketing campaigns as well. Thus, it can be stated that in the modern world, having a quality website is integral to engage customers and grow the business further.

Expansion of market and Increase in target clientele

Days are long gone when any business would have a limited area outreach and limited consumer base. With the widespread penetration of the internet and the rise of eCommerce, any business from any corner of the world can have its client base worldwide. Creating a quality website is one of the most lucrative benefits for any company. Having a 24/7 service delivery or product availability adds to an exponential growth of any company. As it is said, the larger the client base gets, the bigger the business becomes.

Quality content to generate sales and better outreach

Trust amongst customers is very important for the success of any business. Having quality content over the website is one such thing that can build trust amongst the customers. As per an estimate, nearly 77% of the consumers read online content related to a product or service before opting for the same. More specifically, it is the FAQs, product reviews, instructional details and related information that help customers in deciding to buy a product or not. Once the company has trust among the customers, it further leads to an increase in sales. Conclusively, it can be said that quality content is directly proportional to consumer trust and sales increment.

Creating Flexible Website with Quality graphics and constantly updated content

New tools for website making such as wordpress.com and others have proven to be helpful even for small businesses as they provide great flexibility options to their users. Even small business owners can easily modify the content and the graphics on their website to keep the content fresh, which in turn gets higher ranking when Google crawls the website.

Customer service and after-sales service facility

One of the most common reasons that sales get stagnant for any company is directly related to the customer service that the company offers after-sales. Having a quality website where the customers are aided with chatbots and 24*7 chat assistance or troubleshooting aids can help companies improve its after-sales services and can result in elated customer satisfaction levels. Whether it’s a small company or an MNC, the after-sales services and grievance redressal system available of their websites can make a great difference to the business of the company.

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