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Anthropic Unveils Breakthrough AI, Challenging OpenAI’s GPT-4

In a very noteworthy news in AI area, Anthropic, a startup that is supported by many big organizations like Google and Amazon, announced the latest generative AI technology called Claude 3. The latest one challenges the well-known GPT-4 from OpenAI being the better model, the new champion of the AI community.

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Claude 3 - A giant stride into the future of Gen AI

Claude, Anthropic's newest version of its language processor, is more advanced than the previous ones, and it outperforms other approaches of this technology. These performance features can be explained by various techniques and technology, including innovative training and algorithms, which can make interactions more like a human in real life. The model not only leads to higher accuracy but also yields completely satisfactory performance even in time sensitive applications.

Beside some rivals of human intelligence, Claude 2 has an advantage in a more sophisticated stage of image analysis that monitors multiple images in a single request (up to a maximum of 20). The result is also able to make comparisons and the notes as per Anthropic.

Undoubtedly, however, Claude 3’s capability to edit the picture has a restriction. According to a recent interview held by The Guardian, Anthropic has deactivated the models from identifying people—the company has seemingly been reluctant of the ethical breaches and legal action that it might be proud of.

Overall, the customer can expect Claude 3 mainly to follow the step-by-step directions to complete the multi-step requests in formats like JSON and respond to answers in languages beyond English compared with its predecessors. According to Anthropic, particularly Claude 3 should respond less frequently, since the language model will develop a “more profound understanding” of the queries. Similarly, bots won’t engage in self-citing or outright plagiarism. They will start crediting the source of answers to their users to help them decipher if the answer is correct.

According to Anthropic, the initial capacity of Claude 3 will be of 200,000-tokens per context window which is around 150,000 words. Customers will get the privilege to enjoy the context windows that are larger of 1 million token which is up to 700,000 words. That’s equal to what can be seen on Google’s respectively newer GenAI model, i.e. the Gemini 1.5 Pro, which also does offer a context window of up to a million tokens.

However, the fact that Claude 3 is an advancement compared to what was on the market before doesn’t make it flawless.

In their whitepaper, Anthropic conceded to the fact that Claude 3 is not immune from the challenges affecting the other AI development platforms and models and brevity product is just one of them. Unlike some Gen AI models, Claude 3 can’t access the web and can only provide answers using data that precedes August 2023. Multilingual Claude too doesn’t speak fluently the some “low resource” languages in the same way in English.

However, yet the Anthropic promises many forthcoming updates to Claude 3 throughout the month.


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