Benefits of Ionic Framework in Mobile App Development


Benefits of Ionic for mobile app development includes:

  • It is free and open source

  • Facilitates cross platform development

  • Intuitive UI/UX designs

  • Easy testing

  • Utilizes Cordova plugins

  • Powered by AngularJS

  • Developing widgets, splash icons, and screens is easy

  • Integrates easily with business apps

  • Powerful command-line-interface

  • Native plugins

  • Huge community of developers

  • Lower development cost

  • Steep learning curve

  • High performance

Ionic – The Cross Platform King

Creative business ideas are the foundation on which any modern-day startup or established business rests. Building mobile apps on this foundation is the most prominent thing that a person can do to grow their business even further.

Mobile app development is one of the leading segments of the business world. You can choose from a myriad of mobile app developers who will use their expertise and innovation to create an amazing mobile app for your business.

However, after finalizing the idea and company to develop your mobile app, the next predicament that you will face is to choose a framework.

Which framework should I choose for mobile app development? Will the features and strengths of this framework help my business?

As an experienced Mobile App Development Company, we receive these questions quite frequently. So, for our future clients or clients who are searching for a suitable framework, we are ending this discussion forever.

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Benefits of Ionic for Mobile App Development

Mobile app developers at Biz4Group have found that Ionic is the best framework to develop hybrid mobile apps. It provides a bundle of benefits and fits best as a framework in all ways to develop a seamless application that works flawlessly.

Ionic helps create native-like cross-platform apps that consume very less processing power.

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Here are the reasons why we recommend Ionic for mobile app development:

1. Free and Open source

To develop a hybrid app, Ionic is the best and 100% free, open-source framework licensed under MIT. It works differently in the context of unexpected breakdowns that other open-source frameworks come across.

With open-source frameworks, you can get caught with a shaky architecture that may break. With Ionic, things are extraordinary as it is steady, quick, and dependable. Ionic mobile app Development will prove to be very savvy with the quick development of an application.

2. Cross-Platform Development

“Code once, run anywhere”.

This fact fits perfectly for the Ionic framework. It ensures that less code, effort, and resources are utilized to build an app that runs smoothly on multiple platforms i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows.

3. UX/UI Design

Good UX/UI design is the core component of every mobile app. Ionic offers smooth animations with alluring designs and themes. Ionic framework is considered a Frontend framework (UI interaction) that contains components like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and beautiful designs. This enables the development of an interactive and user-friendly application.

4. Easy Testing

With the Ionic system, mobile app testing gets simpler on mobile browsers i.e., Safari on iOS devices. An Ionic developer can test the application on the work area program and direct test system testing for Android and iOS applications with the help of Cordova commands. Mobile app development with Ionic framework is mostly successful with such a significant number of testing services.

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5. Full Utilization of Cordova Plugins

In the Ionic mobile app development framework, plugins play a major role. The features of Cordova plugins are used for native support. It helps developers easily test and deploy applications built with AngularJS.

6. Angular JS

Ionic-based mobile apps are powered up by Angular JS. By extending the HTML Syntax, Angular JS offers a robust structure to the developers to make codes more manageable. To create browser-based applications, the Ionic framework utilizes Angular JS to develop these mobile applications with higher performance by building their app structure. Angular JS offers a bunch of center functionalities to the designers as well.

7. Widget Development

Ionic frameworks allow the creation of widgets for often-used apps on the home screen that enables the user to trigger the application from the home screen itself. Widgets also come in handy when users want to access information at a glance without having to open the mobile app.

8. Easy to Build Splash Icons and Screens

Creating launch icons and splash screens for iOS and Android apps, as well as Progressive Web Apps, is often a laborious post-development task that developers usually find unenjoyable.

Ionic makes the tasks of creating splash icons and screens comparatively easier than other frameworks. Using command line tools like @capacitor/assets, developers can instantly automate the process. Although they would have to design the assets for the launch icons and splash screens.

9. App Integration

Ionic boasts high-end application integration that enables the sharing of information and processes among different apps of a business. This further helps businesses to coordinate their processes and associate its features with cloud applications.

10. Powerful CLI (Command-Line-Interface)

The great command line interface is a built-in development server used in the Ionic framework. It is a text-based interface where a user uses the command prompt to interact with the application through the help of various commands.

11. Useful Native Plugins

The ionic framework has full access to native APIs and plugins that gives applications a native user experience. Use up to 120 native devices functionalities like Finger Print AUTH, Bluetooth, and more with Cordova plugins.

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12. Huge and Supportive Community

While developing any application, the most challenging part is to understand the capabilities of the framework to use it completely. Ionic boasts a very huge and supportive community including developers that are experts in technologies like Cordova and AngularJS.

New developers can connect with experienced developers themselves to get a solution to a problem that they face. For companies that don’t have experience with Ionic, it’s advised to outsource Ionic app development services. Ionic mobile app development companies like Biz4Group know the best practices and can keep costs and efforts low.

13. Cost-Effective Apps with Less Development Cost

Building an app using the ionic framework is friendly for your pockets.

The development time taken by the Ionic framework is less resulting in less development cost. By knowing the cost estimation in advance small businesses can also take a step forward to grow by developing an app that fits their budget.

14. Steep Learning Curve

To understand the working of mobile apps, the owner may learn the core components for better knowledge. One of the advantages of Ionic is that the developer finds it easy to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The app owner if acquainted with the Ionic framework can suggest new functionalities to the developers to create an amazingly effective application.

15. High-Performance

Ionic components empower developers to build apps having a functional user interface with an elegant design.

Ionic applications are far less CPU intensive than other hybrid counterparts. Apps built using Ionic can leverage the faster JavaScript engine available within WKWebView, unlike hybrid apps that use JavaScriptCore.

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Key Takeaways

The prerequisite & modern requirement needs call for a hybrid mobile app. The ionic framework is most suitable for building mobile apps with basic native functionalities. The app developed using this framework runs simultaneously on devices having different operating systems. To build interactive hybrid apps, Ionic uses the Cordova library and AngularJS. The same code with few changes can be used for all types of platforms which results in less development time, effort, and cost.

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