Best On-Demand Mobile App Development Ideas & Trends in 2021

The mobile app industry is continuously evolving, thanks to technological advancements, increasing consumer demands, market needs, and other factors that directly affect mobile app needs. While every user expects their mobile app to provide top-notch functionalities, speed and be simple enough to use and understand, more often than not, that's not the case.

An on-demand mobile application is the need of the hour, especially with the remote work culture becoming the new normal. People now prefer getting most of the things delivered at their doorstep while staying at home as much as possible.

This article will take you through ideas for the most sought-after mobile applications and top trends when it comes to developing an app that will stand out in the market.

Here is our roundup on the top categories of on-demand mobile apps-

#1 Transport and Logistics App

The transport and logistics industry is vast. An on-demand app can be used in various dimensions across this domain, such as cargo logistics app, taxi booking app, carpool booking app, etc. Users do not have to step out of their homes to hail a taxi; instead, an app can be used to book a taxi from a preferred location and safely commute to the destination. A great example of such an app is Uber, which is the go-to choice for customers with engaging features like live traffic updates, GPS-tracking, ride scheduling and much more. Here's a quick link to our article on Courier and Logistics App Development that will help you understand the necessary features in a logistics app, plus how much does it cost to develop one!

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#2 Gifting App

With everyone stuck indoors, an on-demand gifting app can help your customers deliver special and customized gifts to their near and dear ones without having to leave their homes. This can be an instant hit among users of different demographics, especially during these tough times.

#3 Health Apps

Busy schedules make it difficult for people to hit the gym or attend fitness classes. An app that caters to the different health needs of a customer can never run out of demand. The health sector is huge, and mobile apps can be built for various use cases like booking a doctor's appointment or getting information about diseases, health and fitness regimes, meditation and mindfulness.

#4 Handyman Apps

Finding a plumber/ cleaner/ maid can be done with just a click of a button. On-demand mobile apps can help users find appropriate maintenance personnel from the comfort of their homes.

#5 Medical Apps

These apps can provide a medicine delivery service at home to avoid having people go out and purchase their medicines. Very much like food delivery apps, users can place an order for the medicines based on a prescription, and these medicines can then be delivered at the user's preferred location.

Now that you have an idea of the top apps that people will be looking forward to, let's take you through some application development trends that will keep you updated in this niche.

On-Demand Mobile App Trends in 2021

#1 IoT in Mobile Apps

IoT (Internet of Things) allows devices to communicate with each other using the internet as a medium to transmit information. IoT integrated within a mobile app is a whole new ballgame. Imagine controlling the devices within your home with a single click of a button. Now imagine this being at a totally different location away from your home! All you need is an IoT-powered system of devices, an IoT-backed app, and a stable internet connection.

#2 Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, and chatbots are great examples of AI and ML integrated within the mobile application. AI has the power to not only enhance existing applications but also provide added tools and functionalities like AI-based cameras for powerful image processing, voice translation for efficient search, AI-powered security, and analyzing user behavior to make search predictions and to enhance UX.

#3 Enterprise Mobile Application

Enterprise apps are a growing priority among businesses today. On-demand enterprise apps customized according to business requirements prop up internal communications, improve employee productivity, and also streamline & manage complex business processes, ultimately increasing the process efficiency and ROI.

#4 Cloud integration

Google suite is a great example of how cloud-based integration helps drive increased productivity in modern workplaces. As we advance, it is expected to see a higher involvement of the cloud in on-demand mobile app development. These apps operate using cloud capabilities, thus taking away the excessive load off a smartphone's hardware. This significantly reduces the possibility of mobile crashing while running multiple applications at once.

#5 Predictive Analysis

Insights derived from user's mobile app data can help your business deliver better services that are of higher value to your end customers. Predictive analysis utilizes statistics, AI, ML, and data mining to predict user inclination based on the data collected. These predictions can then help improve user experience through personalized recommendations, search optimizations and much more.

#6 Mobile eCommerce

By the end of 2021, mobile eCommerce apps' conversion rates are expected to be 70% higher than mobile websites. Reports show that about 53% of mobile device users buy their favourite products directly through manufacturer's or retailers shopping apps. This is because most users keep their mobiles handy all the time. The purchase process is much simpler with apps and involves just a few clicks before the order is placed! The payment information can be stored within the mobile wallet, allowing users to make seamless purchases within seconds. Additionally, mobile eCommerce apps also allow for easier omnichannel product strategizing and marketing.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! Our complete guide on the Best on-demand app development ideas & trends in 2021. A mobile application is a standard component for any business that can foster customer loyalty, brand awareness, higher ROI and contribute to its overall growth. To create a niche for your business in the market and stand apart from competitors, develop an on-demand application with unique functionalities that are sensible and cater to customer demands.

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