Digital Transformation For Businesses With The Help Of Web Services And Analytics

According to a prediction by Cisco, annually, global IP traffic will reach 3.3 ZB per year by 2021, and also estimates that the number of devices connected to an IP network will be more than three times to that of the Global population by 2021.

The swiftly advancing business world has acknowledged very actively in the field of web services and data analytics. Even, more significant industries that directly are independent of websites and digital marketing for business generation, are cautious of their website presence within the cascade of their overall brand value. The enterprises that are heavily dependent on the web services for the generation of business see the presence of their website within the cascade of their overall value.

The skyline that opened with the introduction of the internet in the 1990s has prepared itself with the increasing demands of online business and will grow more in the 4.0 phase of the industry.

You evolve, or you die, is what said by Darwin in his fundamental theory of evolution. The businesses are destined to collapse if they fail to catch up with the advancing needs of the customers. Whether it is B2B or B2C, the internet has become the first mode of contact between a consumer and a merchandiser.

That being the reason for if you lack a significant online impression in the form of a website, an application, or other electronic forms, the business will become stagnant and eventually collapse. Web services can be called as the life source for a majority of businesses today.

Companies are being aided by analytics, not just to find the solutions they were seeking but to ask for the right solutions. Analytics also help them look for things that have been hiding in plain sight and surprise you in one or the other way you can imagine.

The global business world is really very diverse. It ranges from corporates, family businesses, small-medium enterprises, and a contrasting combination of these three.

While the rapid response is seen in the web services by the corporates, on the contrast, family-owned businesses have been relatively slow to catch up. With the developing nations, SMEs too lie somewhere in the middle of digital evolution. There has been global widespread internet connectivity and nearly a billion smartphones in the market; businesses are compelled to opt for web services and analytics.

The global market is becoming more technology-friendly, and this shall facilitate as a great opportunity for web and tech adoption in businesses. The interdependent growth of the global market and web services will surely pave the way for a better future.

Talking about taking a stand and bridging the technological gap in various industry verticals. We can say that different factors need to speak to each other for value creation. But the challenge faced is - the verticals sometimes have so much variation that it becomes difficult to establish a communication between them.

However, technology has emerged as a common language, that combines all of them and makes them learn from each other. Such as, the healthcare industry has to learn as much from the energy sector as much as insurance has to learn from retail. Certainly, there exists a oneness in the economy and business that needs to be uncovered and explored.

What we provide is all kind of web services under one umbrella with a zero-outsourcing model. More than what we have to offer, it is about how we approach and deliver it. We believe in providing solutions for the client. A brand’s problem might look different from a lead-generation problem, and we appreciate the uniqueness of these problems and businesses.

We strategize with them and tell them what will work for them and what won’t. We won’t recommend putting all budgets in social media for a client when he can generate the same business with lower cost with more effectiveness from search-based marketing.

Speaking for the next stage of evolution, while it may look like that the web bubble is about to explode; instead, I would say it is still expanding infinitely. The internet is relatively one of the most significant inventions of human-kind next to the fire, or the wheel and the web-services are an outcome or application of this invention. The next level of Darwinism is further classified as personalized marketing and understanding of consumers keeping data security at the nucleus of it.

Things have been really simplified for web companies by the aid of Cloud computing, and more importantly, it addresses the variable nature of online enterprises. It provides you with the agility to do more or less based on how your business and growth are going on.

The transformation that we can witness five years down the line in web services and analytics, the past decade has already witnessed overcome from a great financial depression and globalization becoming the epicenter of every industry. The coming five years will raise the bar several notches higher for web services and analytics specifically, as more and more businesses will depend on these services for their sustenance, growth, and expansion. We support the statistics forecasted (by Statista) that the transactional value of digital commerce alone will cross USD 4.2 trillion by 2023 with a continuous CAGR of 7.1%. The global market is estimated to witness a growth of 7-10% in the coming 5years. We have already seen the dawn of a digital era, and the next five years will bring forth new avenues where web services and analytics will drive a majority of businesses around the world.

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