How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating App?


To give you a basic idea, the dating app development cost can range between:

  • A basic app for Android or iOS can cost you USD 40-50K
  • If you are intending to get the dating app working for both platforms, the development cost may reach up to USD 90K or higher

Want to know more about dating apps? How do they make money and all? Keep reading...

So, if you’re thinking of making money from mobile apps on a digital platform, it’s quite a good idea, but it requires investment as well. An investment that you need to be careful about so that it doesn’t just get you ROI but also becomes profitable in the longer run.

From the Old Age Love Story to Modern Days Romance

Gone are the days when people use to resort to letters for communication, which even involved days and weeks of waiting periods. Today’s digital age has brought along the benefits of instant messaging where you can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Moreover, giving it a romantic touch, the passion for sharing letters, and the slow romance have been replaced with dating apps that bring you innumerable profiles onto your smartphone. You can easily pick and chat with the person of your choice. And why just chat? Such a mobile application enables you to take it ahead as a date.

Top Dating Mobile apps in 2023

Take the example of Tinder, which is today the leading dating mobile app. Since Tinder entered the online space in 2012, a number of dating apps with countless new features have joined the race.

As tempting as it seems, developing a dating app that can benefit you financially is a tricky task. You need to render the services of an adroit app development company that can take up the herculean task of shaping the aphrodisiac environment on your dating app.

As per Statista, the online dating segment generated a revenue of USD 1.35 billion in 2022 and the number of online dating service users was 59.16 million. Yeah! That’s really massive amounts of money in the online dating segment. The root questions that can arise here are – How do dating apps make money? And how much does it cost to develop a dating app?

Let’s answer them:

The Money-Making Mantra in Dating Apps

Usually, the free versions restrict features, and users need to pay extra to unlock the special features.

For example, Tinder makes money majorly through in-app advertisements, subscriptions, premium plans, and also in-app purchases, which enables them to change location, rewind the swipes, turn off advertisements, etc. Other apps like Badoo, Bumble, Happn, and Gleeden also jumped on the bandwagon and started selling premium features to third-party products in-app ads.

Dating apps are getting popular at lightning speed and especially targeting Millennials and Gen-Z. The hope of getting a suitable date or a prospective future life partner brings hoards of the digital age crowd to dating app platforms. Lastly, these dating apps also have to continually engage existing customers along with acquiring new ones.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Dating App?

Based on the app's functionality and complexity, a basic dating app for either of the platforms (Android or iOS) can cost you USD 40-50K. Further, if you are intending to get the dating app working for both platforms, the development cost may reach up to USD 90K or higher.

However, the dating mobile app development cost depends on the number and complexity of the features you want in your app.


In a nutshell, the more features, the more the development cost will be. That is why you must set your goals and motives before you step into the market to search for the right dating app development company.

Why to Outsource Dating Mobile App Development

Dating app development typically includes app UI/UX designing, architecture configuration, development, integration, testing, and many other checkpoints. All of it typically involves UI/UX designers, Android, iOS, and backend developers, QA engineers, and a project manager to keep the complete work in sync.

A dating app development service provider can manage all of it better as they have experience in developing such applications. Moreover, it’ll be a less costly affair if you go with a dating app development company as compared to developing the app by yourself.

Moreover, it is easier to work with a dating app development company that has a full-fledged team of expert techies to take on the project of your dream dating app rather than finding different experts and engaging them together.

Leading AI development companies like Biz4Group have been an expert in executing such million-dollar projects and helping mobile dating apps in minimizing turn-around time and maximizing ROI.

Features are the Major Influencer for Dating App Development Cost

Features are the Major Influencer for Dating App Development Cost

As we have already discussed that the more features, the higher the cost will be; one must keep a set goal of features that they want to deploy in the dating app.

Some of the basic features like sign up/ sign in, age restriction, interest scale, create/ edit profile, chat & notification, location setting, discovery setting, expression of interest, and user display settings may cost collectively around USD 15-20K.

Apart from these to stay strong in the competition and have an edge over other dating apps, it has been quint essential for dating apps to have several unique features like image recognition and AI & ML based app development.

Your ideation can shape into reality only when you have a perfect app development partner, who can both with expertise and experience can help you meet your goals and assure you of quality work delivery.


Furthermore, the work doesn’t end with just the development of the dating site; instead, it is just the beginning of the journey where time-to-time upgradation is needed. Also, to be the black horse in the race, 24/7 customer support and troubleshooting backup are required, which only a team of tech aficionados like Biz4Group can provide.

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