How to Drive Website Traffic through Social Media?

There has always been a virtual battle going on since decades to drive more and more traffic on the website because websites nowadays have become a first stage of interaction. This first stage of interaction with the users or potential clients has fueled up the need to drive more and more traffic to the websites. When the number of visitors will increase on your website, it would be easier for them to get familiar with the products and services being offered by you.

Now, you will ask, where does the role of social media comes in the whole picture?

Before discussing that, we put before you simple stats by “Statista”, which says that number of users on social media platforms grew to an estimate of 2.6 billion in 2018 and this number is expected to increase to 3 billion by 2021. Now that seems to be a huge huge user base to be dealt with.

So, we know that there are users somewhere on the digital platform, we just need to mobilize them from one platform to another, but is it that easy?

Suppose the transformation witnessed by your business when a sudden surge in the traffic would be seen on your website, and that can be done through the help of social media platforms. Well if till now you have understood some some of the things we have discussed so far, you would have estimated that how much important role social media can play in generating traffic to your website and that in turn can help you escalate your revenue generation to multiple folds.

Now, pull-up your socks and get ready for the practices that would drive traffic to your website through the social media platforms;

Identifying the right Channels

So, we have kept this on top in our list, and you can also call it as “hitting the bull’s eye”.

Well as per “Statista”, the most widely and popularly used social media platform was Facebook with a user base of 2.7 billion as of Aug 2018, followed by YouTube and Instagram. So, these are the channels used by marketers and business promoters to put their brand in front of larger audience.

While going for these social media channels, a preliminary study is required before you put your brand over there. As these social media channels tend to have an audience from various strata of society with varied thoughts. As their isn’t any cost involved with these platforms, people are free to use the way they want, the only thing required while dealing with these kind of platforms is patience as time required for right set of audience to reach to your brand may be longer than expected. So, whether you are using YouTube, LinkedIn, or Pinterest at first you should identify the nature of content delivered by your site and then choose the suitable platform accordingly.

Be selective for the content delivery

So, you have identified the right channel that can help you drive traffic to your website, now comes the most crucial and important part, which is the content delivery part. You must have heard the phrase that “Content is the King”, obviously in some or the other way, it is.

Now, you should prepare the content to suit the needs of the users and that should be clear and concise i.e. it should follow the KISS principle i.e. keeping it Simple and Straight. To the point content delivery saves a lot of time on the users end as well as creators end, so go according to the platforms that you have selected, for example Instagram is a platform that has more images rather than textual content, you must prepare your content and add infographics to your Instagram account that sounds appealing to the audience.

The same thing is true with other platforms such as creating an appealing video content for YouTube or having an eye-catching text for LinkedIn which is primarily used as B2B platform. So, people tend to go for the content as per their utility and wherever they find something relevant to their needs, and then it becomes a topic of utmost importance to them.

While going for content, you must take care of the posts you make, it should be regular and original, and the content is the anchor of your ship irrespective of the social media platform you are dealing with.

Scheduling the Post

Now, that you have got the content and are well familiar with the platform you are going to deal with, that means you are now ready to share it. Sharing of the content depends on two things; one is the frequency of sharing i.e. how frequently you are making your posts and second is the correct time to post.

It might be possible that you have heard those things for the first time that there exists something like sharing the posts at the right time. But these are the crucial aspects that are most of the times neglected by even profound marketers that in turn costs heavy in terms of traffic.

According to social media integration platform “Hoosuite”, the ideal time to make a post varies on every platform. Such as, the ideal time to share a post on Facebook is between 12-3 pm on all the working days except working days, and between 12-1 pm on weekends.

Apart from that one more thing which you have to keep in mind while posting is the frequency of posts, do not overload the feeds of your users with unnecessary posts. It will annoy then that in turn may backfire on your social media strategy.

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Now, as we have come to an end on our discussion to drive the social media traffic through social media platforms. Website is the place of interaction between your brand and your potential customer so it should be dealt carefully. We have shared with you some strategies to drive website traffic through the help of social media platforms. While there may be some other strategies to be dealt with, but these are the proven tactics that when applied correctly will surely leverage your with a significant volume of potential customers.

Henceforth, as we have seen all the facets of using social media to pull traffic to your website, it’s indeed going to be a masterstroke if applied with the correct set of tactics. We at Biz4Group cater you with the top-notch services in handling your social media platforms and creating a buzz for you.

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