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How to Drive Website Traffic through Social Media?

92% of small business owners who use social media in one or other form consider it important for their businesses. Why?

You too, have likely heard that social media is one of the popular ways for businesses to engage with their target audiences or potential clients and convert them into leads. It may not sound a great deal for you to make any post about your business or your niche on Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media platforms or respond to a few tweets. But the question is - what’s the big deal?

For if you have just entered the market or launched a startup, social media platforms can help you build brand recognition, foster a community around your business, and can help you to grow from the bottom line.

Whether you are administering a business website or a hobby blog, social media has the potential to create a bounce on your traffic. The number of users on social media platforms in 2018 grew to an estimated 2.6 billion and the number is expected to climb to 3 billion by 2021, there’s never have been a better way to find and connect with your ideal audience or to consolidate your potential clients who are scattered.

So, in what way social media can be utilized at its full potential to help your business grow? Below mentioned are some of the simple and effective tactics to help you do just that!

Spotting out the Right Channels to Connect

As per the statistics of August 2018, the social media that flagged the world was Facebook with 2.6 billion users, followed by YouTube and Instagram. Various studies have shown that many users prefer to be present on more than one platform.

Yet, we can say that these figures indicate a huge source of potential traffic, so how do you leverage that? Rather than looking towards those platforms for the answer, you need to have an insight into your brand and goals.

One of the positive points of the social media platforms is that they don’t involve any capital investment to begin- they are absolutely free, although the time involved in engaging users might be a significant consideration. Further, the tactical use of engaging content and graphical information also aids in increasing traction.

To go for any right social media channel can depend heavily on the nature of the content delivered by your site or the audiences you are targeting. We say, if you are very focused on consumer products or information, then something like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram would be an excellent platform to choose from.

If you tend to write about any business-oriented or professional topics, then a more suitable platform would be LinkedIn, as this platform has the potential to reach a more B2B-oriented audience.

There are also platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube, which are majorly driven with visual content. You should leverage these platforms depending on your goals- say, for example, brand building is something that would aid on at a faster pace with a visual-oriented platform.

As we have already seen that identifying your business needs can go a long way helping you to select from the right medium for your social media goals.

Additionally, knowing the audience demographics of the popular social media platforms can help you choose which few to be used for building your brand’s presence.

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Choosing - what can be Shared?

When thinking of what can be shared, don’t look at the ground-level stuff, instead, aim strategically. First, figure out the areas towards which you want to work out and then craft posts accordingly that can help you work towards those goals.

There isn’t anyone fixed way that will help you craft the perfect post, but you should be flexible with any of the aspects of the online platform. Take, for example, Instagram, this platform allows only images and video content, but these formats can be beneficial.

There are several ways in which multimedia content can be made very personal and the one that suits your brand and image. Here we present before you some tactics of what kind of content might work for you:


These are not just informative but also visually appealing that present the fact (which many times can be fun!) in a very condensed fashion. Rightly designed infographic design can be a source to pull a considerable volume of traffic, especially if it is good enough to be re-shared by many people.

Company Clips

Don’t just hover over to create stuffy corporate video and put them on your social media handles, instead go for ways that can show various innovative aspects of your team. Humanization for the brand being catered by you might win many more followers for your business.

Reviews / Tutorials

You must be familiar with the phrase ‘Monkey see, monkey does’, you will soon realize that creating tutorials in multimedia formats can be huge and that would result in people seeing your actual products or methods in use which seems easier as compared to reading out those product specifications.

The key to successful content for any social media platform can be summarized in one word: Shareability. To achieve your goals, think of the ways your post can deliver into these three landscapes:

Innovation - People, in general, have keen insight for the innovations and inspirations, even if they don’t voice that. By creating a post that is inspiring, you are, in a way creating positivity that just tempts to be shared!

Entertainment - This can be called as another theme that often leads to people sharing just for joy and laughs.

Usefulness - Sharing information that can help people improve their knowledge or quality of life can be useful in bringing a significant change.

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Scheduling of the Content - Is There a Right Time to Post?

Once you are done with the right platform and perfect content, you also need the ideal time to share it. Time is not just a parameter for sharing your post, but also the frequency of posting, i.e. how frequently you do it.

As per the analysis of the social media platform Hootsuite, the ideal time for sharing content varies for different social media platforms.

Each platform has its peak timing for sharing, so make sure that you leverage this information for maximum potential for your posts, creating a posting schedule ahead of time and making use of an auto-scheduler will surely be of great help.

Also, you must take into consideration that this is human traffic that you are pulling, so drawing these peoples through fundamentals which are positive such as Innovation, Entertainment and Usefulness will be of more significant help. So, don’t mess that up by annoying them through over-posting!

We, at Biz4Group, strongly recommend that the ideal frequency for social media posting should be five or six posts every week. Before going through each platform, make sure to check the sharing frequencies accordingly.

Content is the Obvious King!

You would have most probably heard the term ‘Content is king’ when you started writing a Blog or Website. It means that your work should be filled with quality content that can make readers come back for more, but now we can observe that this applies equally to social media.

Content in one or the other form, no matter in what form it is, has an intended capability to draw people to it. The Content will always act as an anchor of your ship, whereas social media may require specific formats.

Optimization of calls-to-action

88% of the people tend to take action if you clarify them of what you would like them to do. That’s all that CTA is all about. It’s how you get more traffic driven to your website and social media accounts.

Whenever the platform allows, make links obviously with a clear call to action button and that too in an active language rather than a passive. Some CTAs like ‘click here’, is technically an active CTA but it has a passive feel to people which gives them no incentive to click. Whereas opting for options for CTAs like Get the eBook, Enter to Win, Start Getting Results, Increase Sales 200%, are very active CTAs and convey an immediate benefit for clicking.

Summing It Up

Now that you are armed with these social media skills, certainly, you might be thinking of the voluminous amount of time that you might have to invest in pulling out those extra crunches of traffic out of your social media channels.

You would be right- choosing to be active on any of the various available options of the social media platforms, never mind going for more then one, it can inevitably result out to be an incredible drain on resources if you allow it to be.

Now as we have seen all the facets of using social media to pull traffic to your website, its indeed going to be a masterstroke if applied with the correct set of tactics. We at Biz4Group cater you with the top-notch services in handling your social media platforms and creating a buzz for you.

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