IoT is rising high on Digital Transformation


IoT is rising high on the tides of digital transformation and it is surely going to touch the higher altitudes. A forecast by Gartner estimated IoT market to grow by 5.8 billion by 2020. However, IT leaders and CXOs are certain that IoT is going to play a bigger role in the digital transformation of the global digital world.

IoT comes with numerous benefits which can be categorized into internal and external benefits. Depending upon the requirements of an organization, the external benefits include well-being improvement, values generation, engagement growth, and other enhanced services. Whereas, internal benefits range from improving safety and security to reduction in expenses, along with conservation of resources, and optimization of assets.

Together, these internal and external benefits lead the Digital Transformation journey of a company and result into better customer experience and exponential business growth.

It is estimated that around 27% of organizations are using IoT technology and 11% are going to add IoT in their business operations by 2020. With that volume of firms going to benefit by the IoT regime, why stay at the backfoot. Join the league with Biz4Group, which deliver you with the best IoT solutions in the market and get you on the apex of your business niche.


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