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On-Demand Handyman Services: Challenges and Future Aspects

The former decade has provided us with unheard possibilities, and the tech tools leveraged by us are no less than the genie of the magic lamp that has come out. Yes! You heard it right, and that is nothing short of the on-demand services utilized by us day-in and day-out.

On-demand services are not only providing ease at the user’s end but also act as a potential source for businesses. As per the latest report by PwC, the on-demand mobile apps and websites market will reach at the significant value of $335 Billion by the year 2025. Hence, we can estimate that the surge in demand brought by this segment of the industry in the coming years, but nothing to get afraid of, we at Biz4Group present before you insights of the various dimensions of on-demand home maintenance services and how that will help in scaling-up of your business.

So, to begin with, first, we will understand what are the on-demand Handyman services?

What are On-Demand Handyman Services?

On-demand Handyman Services or on-demand home maintenance services are those IT-enabled services that facilitate users to avail of the ad-hoc services related to carpenters, electricians, mechanics, plumbers, and others regardless of time and location. The on-demand Home maintenance services were initially considered as the bubble that would burst out sooner or later, but they emerged out as a peculiar tool to add on to the online business growth.

Today, the business model of on-demand Handyman services is applied on a vast scale. Full-fledged firms such as Biz4Group that are well versed with an expert team of developers and have a vast experience in delivering top-notch products based on on-demand services.

So, that was an elucidation of on-demand Handyman services, now, we will look into what are the benefits leveraged by the industries using on-demand Handyman services.

Benefits of On-Demand Home maintenance Services

Whether it is tech or non-tech vertical of the industry, it has become a necessity for businesses to leverage the on-demand services to enhance their reach in this competitive edge. Handyman services have managed to pave their way out of the cut-throat competition.

It has catered users with services such as remodeling of the kitchen or fixing of a leaky faucet in the bathroom, you get to hire the best professionals with the help of an on-demand app and get the task done.

Advantages of Handyman Services for an End-user:

• Saves time

• Easy to search and hire

• Saves money in the long run

• On-demand Availability

• Increases Accessibility

Challenges clients face while developing on-demand Handyman services

Higher Market Competency

The upsurge in demand for the hyperlocal services has flooded the market with on-demand Handyman services.

The Reluctance in Investments from Venture Capitalists

As far as capitalists are concerned, they have unwillingness in funding the newly launched startups which is the reason for them gravitating towards established businesses.

Product’s Incompetency in the Market

Your on-demand handyman product should be stealth enough to stand firm in the market.

Lack of Resources

Lack of resources has turned out to be a major factor behind the incompetency of the product in the market. You should ask for an MVP (or Minimum Viable Product) and then analyze it as per your requirements.

Top-Notch Features offered by Biz4Group while delivering an On-Demand Service App

Here we present before you a comprehensive list of services offered by our well-versed developers to provide you with an all-rounder on-demand Handyman services application:

At Customer-end At Service Provider’s-end Admin Dashboard
Sign-up/log-in Manage Availability Manage Customers/Professionals
Add/Update Schedule In-App Navigation Promotions and Referrals
Online Transaction Service History Track Professionals
Search Option & Add Service Accept/Reject Request Manage Requests
Booking Registration Manage Dispatch
Rate and Review Customer Info Manage Payments

Future Aspects of on-demand Home Maintenance Services

As per a report by the New York Times, the US online on-demand home services sector is $600 billion. It is growing at a rapid pace and posts a CAGR of almost 49% by 2021. The Gen Z generation constitutes the largest cap of consumers for online on-demand home services since they are also the largest consumers of the internet.

The technology has turned out to be and would prove to be a key factor to beat out the competition, and according to Forbes, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be comprised of millennials who have grown up with the internet and smartphones. Hence, the graph of demand for the on-demand home maintenance services is going to swell in the coming years, so, you must not lag to leverage this opportunity.

Why choosing the right service provider is very important?

While assigning your development project, you must take into consideration the recent projects developed by the firm you have chosen. Apart from that, miscommunication and misunderstanding about any of the verticals associated with your project may put it in the trash.

So, you must collaborate with well-equipped, experienced professionals while developing such type of projects. Biz4Group has years of experience in delivering the best industry solutions in terms of on-demand service delivery app.

Apart from that, the cloud plays an important role in the whole scenario of building an on-demand home maintenance services app. Most often people inquire the compelling reasons to adopt AWS to fulfill their infrastructure needs, and apart from being used by hundreds and thousands of customers, prime benefits of AWS are:

• It provides a level-playing field for everyone regardless of cost.

• World-class and highly secure infrastructure.

• Flexibility

• Out of the box PaaS offerings

• Multi-language API support

Hence, to best complement our clients with cloud, we, being the tech partners of AWS, we ensure security, agility, performance, and scalability in the products developed by us for a long-lasting period.

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