Open AI Launched GPT-4o – What's New Here?

OpenAI GPT-4o is just the most cutting-edge, progressed yet and sophisticated AI model released. This new model is bringing a revolution in reasoning and comprehension; hence, it has become a significant breakthrough in the AI area.

At Biz4Group we are thrilled to see the potential that GPT-4o offers and how it can improve AI development services. We are an organization that deals in the development of innovative and humanizing AI-powerful tools and GPT-4o is among the best models.

Overview of GPT-4o

GPT-4o (“o” stands for “omni”) is the latest breakthrough in natural language processing technology at Open AI that aims to understand and think across spoken words, images, and text in real time. This implies that it can analyze and comprehend the data from different avenues of input at the same time, which brings about its agility.

Unlike the previous models, GPT-4o strives to incorporate different modalities and thus processes information more efficiently across varied formats.

  • Multi-Modal Reasoning: The proficiency of comprehending and apprehending the information from audio, visual, and textual format.

  • Real-Time Processing: Data processing goes faster and more precise, so responses and interpretations become quicker too.


GPT-4o vs GPT-3.5 and GPT-4

Before the arrival of GPT-4o, users could chat with the ChatGPT with a latency of 2.8 seconds (with GPT-3.5) and 5.4 seconds (with GPT-4) on average. To achieve this, the models used Voice Mode, which is a pipeline of three separate models:

  • One single model being used to carry out the transcription from audio to text;

  • Then GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 came into play to take the text and provide text output;

  • Then a third simple model was used to convert the text into audio.

During this process, these models lose many important cues, including the tone, multiple participants, or the noise background, and they cannot transfer laughter, singing, or any emotional reactions.

GPT 4o, on the other hand, can react to audio inputs in as low as 232 milliseconds (320 milliseconds on average), which is as close to human response time (opens in a new window) as lying in a conversation. It matched GPT-4 Turbo on performance for English text and code, with a significant improvement for non-English text and it is faster and 50% cheaper than GPT-4 Turbo in an API. GPT-4 outperforms other models with its incredible vision and audio understanding capabilities.

Implications for Businesses

GPT-4o’s advanced features lead to unlimited application range across multiple markets. Here are some early use cases we can think of:

Healthcare: GPT-4o can help doctors diagnose diseases by scanning patients' medical reports from text, images and audio. This technology can also offer doctors hands-on support during consultations and consequently enhance patient outcomes.

Education: This model can act as a tutor who can clarify complex subjects for the students by explaining things in many ways. It also helps teachers in grade-making assignments through the understanding and interpretation of written responses.

Customer Service: With its capability of text, voice, and even video chats, GPT-4o can manage customer queries. It grants speedy and accurate responses and improves user contentment and takes off the burden for human agents.

Content Creation: Content writers and creators can then use GPT-4o to fuel their creativity, write articles and even produce multimedia content. It can comprehend and produce high-quality text, audio, and images, thus contributing to content creation.


Want to Implement GPT-4o? Biz4Group Can Help You

With years of experience in building AI solutions, BizGroup4 is prepared to make your business fully digital. Here are some ways we can help you:

Custom AI Solutions Development: We build bespoke AI products around GPT-4o features to specifically address your business requirements. Whatever kind of needs you have for customer service chatbots or content generation tools, we have you covered with our AI development services!

Consulting and Strategy Planning: Our expert consultants will advise you on the proper way to implement GPT-4o in your business processes. We help you to identify the best cases and create a plan for a strategy that will give you better results of this AI model.

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