Top 10 Strategies to take an E-Commerce to the Next Level

One of the best beauties of the internet is instant access. The world wide web has changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the explosion of eCommerce has changed the way we shop perpetually. Over the past decade, the evolution of both tech hardware and the internet has had a direct correlation with eCommerce. Just as the internet has grown into the desired medium for marketing, advertising, and purchasing of products, goods, and services; eCommerce has grown to rival traditional shopping in many ways.

The overall journey of online shopping is far from finished but it has undoubtedly accelerated in the last decade. Its benefits to organizations resulted in global reach with reduced cost and improved supply chains which in turn results in improved customer relationships.

To outperform the competition, e-commerce business requires a set of polished strategies because there are no signs of slowing down the speed with which custom ecommerce development is heading towards the betterment. Let us take a look at the strategies which can help to take e-commerce at another level:


The following are the strategies which can help to take e-commerce at the next level:

1.Website Renovation:

The website of eCommerce business should be aesthetically pleasing so that consumers can stick around it. The e-commerce websites should be completely-packed with features like Shopping cart, Search box, Product navigation, Featured product, Product view filtering and sorting, Product images and many more. All the e-commerce websites should be mobile friendly with a responsive design.

As the website is the vital component of the e-commerce business, new features and functionalities should be added to make a breakthrough astounding experience for the customers.

Additionally, it also helps in driving customers repeatedly.

2.Mobile Shopping Experience:

The customers may use a PC, but the percentage of customers doing shopping on smartphone is more than customers using PC to place an order. You should check your mobile site to make sure that it is functioning without any glitches.

Hence, the environment within a website on mobile should be relevantly linked with simple navigations. So, the consumer develops more interest rather than become frustrate of irrelevant linking and leaves the page without making the purchase.

3.Build a Mobile App:

It is tiring to frequently browse sites on smart phones and then switch to PC to make a purchase.

If your business is as of now settled and you are searching for approaches to keep on building up your brand, then launching an application is an astounding way to drive growth and increase sales.

There are several advantages of having an application for your e-commerce business. Applications tend to load more swiftly than sites, hence consumers can shop more effectively. Since you have an application consumer are one tap away from viewing your products and services. You can likewise send pop-up messages through applications to notify consumers when you are having a super deal or when their preferred product gets restocked.

Mobile apps (whether it is an android /iOS) takes an e-commerce business totally in a different direction.

4.Image quality:

All you need to make an e-commerce website attractive and pleasing is to add quality photography of your products and services. The images should give customers an exact real view of the products and services from different angles. So, the decision of purchasing would be undoubtedly hassle-free and satisfied.

The high-quality pictures give a better view and helps in increasing sales of the product and services.

5.Influencer marketing:

50 percent of the total purchase decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth has enormous sway because consumers believe friends and relatives more than commercial ads or marketers.

Find a way to ensure that clients see the faces behind your brand. Send videos indicating how your items are made and testimonials and pictures of faithful customers. Speak with customers and reply to tweets, reviews, and remarks. Keep a keen eye on what clients are stating or commenting about your products/services. Don't just simply answer to the bad reviews and comments, instead, try to counter the conflict entirely. Accommodating reactions will tell your customers that there are individuals behind your brand that are striving to ensure clients that they had the most ideal experience.

Getting some influencers to promote your brand will make it more refined as well. Your potential customers will see that these products and services are used by normal people like them. Build a bigger troop of potential customers by finding a powerful influencer who already has your targeted customer’s attention. The only thing to keep in mind is that the influencer with whom you are going to work and his/her followers should belong to your niche or interest.

In this way, get an influencer to endorse your new products, services, super sale or forthcoming products or services.

6.E-mail Marketing:

According to the statistical data, 93% of marketers believe that e-mail marketing is the most important strategy for distributing promotional content over web. 72% of customers prefer to receive promotional content through e-mails.

E-mail marketing is one of the successful strategy which gives more measurable results with a better response rate. It tends to improve customer interaction but some business owners don’t know how effective promotional emails can be, therefore, they neglect it.

Further, businesses using e-mail marketing can see the results wisely. The only thing to be considered in this type of marketing is to avoid sending many e-mails that aren’t relevant to the customer.

7.Reminder of Items in Wishlist:

A customer while doing window shopping, adds the items in Wishlist for purchasing in an uncertain future.

Reminder of items in Wishlist tends to let the customer knows about the current status of the item i.e. item gets sold out or it is on sale or it is restocked.

The reminders can be made via push-up notification from e-commerce mobile apps and emails. These nudges the customers to take the final step towards the purchase decision i.e. proceed to pay.

8.Helpful Product description:

The description of the product and services are offered by a particular e-commerce website. The first point to keep in the mind is that the language should be simple and easy to understand by everyone who use the e-commerce website or application. The features or functionalities, working or usage, fabric or type, size or shape, and overall description should be understood by the consumer in a helpful manner. The more exertion you put into your descriptions, the simpler it will be for your customers.

Additionally, this can be beneficial for your SEO ranking, however, make sure to learn what SEO is and how it works before you make a plunge. Write quality descriptions that consist of keywords. Optimized description with targeted keywords helps you to rank up in the search engines which in turn results in an increase in sales.

The good description not only help your customers to find your products and services easily but also helps them to make a decision to purchase.

9.Product Reviews:

Whenever someone is buying something, he/she will first view the review and rating or testimonials section of the product and services. Because customer trusts the experience of another customer rather than descriptions or ads.

This section of the websites is very crucial because there comes good as well as bad reviews based on customer satisfaction.

So, the quality of the product and service should satisfy the customer in a promising way.

10.Optimize the checkout process:

Try to build all checkout options within a single page. Howbeit, it should not look lengthy and any changes made after submitting the details should be rechecked easily within the existing page only. Also, different payment methods should be accepted in a hassle-free manner.

The optimized checkout process should include the badges of a trusted brand and the logos of the accepted payment method. It allows the customer to feel protected and free while giving personal and bank details to trusted brands. The checkout process of a purchased order should be easy and must follow a step-by-step process.

It helps a business to builds trust and goodwill among the customers.


According to the statistics, 95% of shopping will be facilitated by e-commerce by the year 2040. Nowadays, starting a business is not bound to the limitations of requiring physical place. One can easily start his or her business somewhere on the web.

But there exists a limit of the absence of physical presence and to make customers trust the virtual presence you must take measures to build your brand awareness. Hence, every businessman should know these strategies to take their e-commerce business at the next level.

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