Top 5 Customer Experience Trends in eCommerce

Customer experience can easily be the distinguishing factor between a million-dollar eCommerce company and a smaller firm which might be at its early outset. Even though trade trends were mostly directed by service providers back in the day, things have gone advanced in today’s modernized world of consumer commerce.

What shapes the modern eCommerce?

The current state of eCommerce has largely been influenced by the changing trends in the consumer market and how well the companies could steer through them. Earlier when only a handful of brands dominated the sales channels, customers had no other option but to juggle between them for their purchase. Few years down the line and things have completely changed. End customers are more concerned about the way they are being offered services and to what lengths their favorite brands go to improve their shopping experience.

Customer experience is essentially the key to building a good brand value in today’s customer-centric market. Only by delivering a meaningful and personalized service, your business can make it big in the online shopping sphere. Kiran Mani, managing director of retail at Google states, “personalization is nothing but translating information into assistance.”

Experts even predict that eCommerce companies that invest in site personalization will raise over $800 bn in revenue as against those who overlook it. In 2017, the Salesforce report also indicated that over 70% of customers believed personalized offerings majorly influenced their loyalty towards the brand. Similarly, Accenture’s research published in 2018 found that nearly 91% of people preferred to engage with brands that took care of their preferences and offered personalized offerings and recommendations.

Personalizing customer service

Personalization has gained the status of being one of the crucial factors behind brand success today. eCommerce website development companies are investing heavily in this area by collecting customer data from every possible touchpoint. It is important to note that for a brand to make it big in the consumer market, it must not limit “personalized offerings” just to the post-sales period. Customers need to be fed with personalized support throughout the purchase cycle; starting right from the product discovery stage and going all along to the post-sales support.

But a lot of brands might struggle with creating relevant experiences for each of their customers. Data analytics tools can come handy in here. Such tools derive meaningful insights by analyzing a 360-degree perspective of your customer data, thereby delivering accurate and useful insights for customer servicing. More data would essentially mean better insights, making it easier for your team to forecast consumer needs. Once you have a solid strategy built around relevant insights, offering personalized recommendations becomes quite manageable. Successful eCommerce leaders also suggest the use of customer service support software to automate insight generation. This would allow the service providers to initiate personalized communications with consumers, adding to the betterment of the sales cycle. Here are 5 customer experience trends that will affect eCommerce growth in the coming years

Make the most out of upselling

When dealing with eCommerce, it is hard to ignore the potential of upselling, especially when most customers are comfortable in making an online purchase. By offering hyper-personalization and specially curated deals, you can easily win over the hearts of your end-consumers. Nowadays, incentivizing is also a great measure that adds to the upselling journey. Statistics show that customers usually trust the brands that go the extra mile to serve them with an improved and personalized shopping experience.

Business owners can also partner with innovative agencies that provide eCommerce development services to integrate custom upselling functionality within their website. This would significantly ease the task of creating personalized offers for the customers while also tracking the crucial sales metrics.

Add the “Human touch” to your brand

Customer trends show that leading eCommerce brands prioritize customer interactions and many times go out of their ways to help each one of them. Today’s modern consumer base favors a brand that can offer fast-paced servicing without taking away the human touch. Consumers demand real-time interaction and won’t settle for any less. With a comprehensive strategy designed to cater to customer interactions, you can streamline the engagement channels and never keep the customers waiting. Make sure to target all the avenues including live chat, phone support, social media interactions, email responses, and even text messages.

Prioritize and Personalize Customer Experience

Each day, the eCommerce domain becomes a little more competitive and ambitious. With so many brands competing for the lead, only a good CX strategy can help your brand steer through the resistance and draw promising sales. It is now well-established that customers will only sign up with brands that can address their unique preferences.

Charging up your CX strategy with hyper-personalization can help you reach market dominance without fail. However, it takes a great effort to make hyper-personalization work. The use of analytics tools and big data is instrumental to ensure only meaningful insights and forecasts are made.

Invest in omnichannel sales

While an omnichannel communication strategy can be of great use to improve post-sales metrics, brands should also invest in developing their sales strategy beyond conventional channels. Your business needs to reach out to potential customers across all touchpoints, be it through social media or a simple phone call. By making your customers believe that you can take orders anytime and anywhere, your sales graphs will see an upward trend in no time.

Brand values

eCommerce market today is virtually overwhelmed with innovative players trying to win over the customers through lucrative offers and reach out plans. However, modern shoppers also look for brands that have strong values when it comes to social conduct. In this age of sustainability, brands should also support the right causes and work upon sustainable methods and social responsibilities.

Wrapping up

With increasing market competition and countless online stores to try, customer experience has become a crucial way to keep the graphs ruling the upward trend. By partnering with an expert eCommerce development agency, you can significantly improve your chances of market success.Biz4Group , with its team of seasoned developers and UX designers, is your ideal choice when it comes to customized online store development. Reach out to us today and get free consultation from our experts

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