What Are The Major Things To Remember While Building A Website To Ensure Website Performance?

Everything is pacing up at a high speed and moreover, instant services and fast deliveries have taken the market competition altogether to another level. High-performance scalable websites have become the need of the hour for the businesses to grow and flourish beyond geographical territories and penetrate worldwide.

Moreover, for user engagement, retention, conversion, website performance is even more crucial. To further add, it isn’t just about the content but the graphics along with the total load time also plays quintessential part in the better performance of a website. It has been established that 85% of internet users expect a mobile site to load as fast or faster than on their desktop. The eCommerce platform is getting bigger with time and posing as equal competitor to real market. As per Statista, the eCommerce sales nearly 14.1% of the total retail sales worldwide in 2019.

Accounting to all these reasons, here are some of the major points to kept in focus as per our experts if you are looking to improve performance while building your website.

  • Selection of the framework
  • Optimization of the web pages
  • Design APIs
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Image, Video and Content Size
  • Database Design
  • Web Traffic Management
  • Loading time of the Website

Selection of the framework

Whether it is PHP, JAVA, Angular, ASP.NET or any other framework to build the website. Depending upon the requirement such as data-heavy applications, mobile friendly ones, or apps that work for multiple devices. While designing a website, first of all, the requirements should be clearly defined because only on that basis a framework can be selected or designed. One of the most common mistakes that most of the people do is selection of a web framework as per their knowledge which at later stages impose greater problems for them. It is strongly advised that with the help of expert software architects, a suitable web framework should be selected at the time of website building.

Optimization of the web pages

If the web pages aren’t appropriately designed, they will make even high-trafficked websites slow to load and result in longer response time. This is one of the major drawbacks that can cause customers to move to other website which has better page response time. With the process of controlled experimentation web designers can enhance website’s ability to help the business grow. Some of the cases like demo requests, organic search result increments, higher purchases, and reduced customer service time, etc. can be positively changes if the web pages are optimized well. A quality web optimization test can invariably determine performance of the website and limit of conversion rate.

Design API’s

Application program interface help users have a smooth and easy experience. Therefore, at the time of creating an API, the designers should keep in mind the need of the service, its outreach and its generic form. Some of the points that can be kept as basic guidelines while creating an API are naming convention, stability, consistency, Flexibility, Security, validation, HTTP status codes, etc. Programmers can even use parallel programming improve web API performance. In some cases, if there are concurrent HTTP requests, asynchronous programming can be used to handle the situation. Furthermore, Caching can be used to improve performance. Lastly, while creating a quality website, proper database structure should be created.

Third Party Integration

TPIs (Third Party Integrations) are to chosen very wisely because they can even slow down the overall performance of the website. Although, TPIs are needed in large scalable complex websites only yet precautious measures should be taken time to time in cases of any updates made by the third party in their integrations as well. If the APIs are updated both at third party’s end and the website’s end, this may result in sustained growth in the target clientele.

Image, Video and Content Size

It is crucial for a website to balance image, video and content size because that directly affects the loading time of the website. Recently, Amazon performed some tests on their web that showed they would lose $1.6 BILLION every year, in case they slow down the website just by 1 second. In today’s cutthroat competition, either you step ahead of your competitors in all the fields or lose the game. In fact, data and file download size also impacts the performance of the website. It is advised that the files or data should be compressed first and then uploaded on the website, so that it doesn’t hampers the loading speed of the website in any way.

Database Design

This is one such aspect that can impact a website’s performance to a great level. In layman terms, database includes everything from images, videos, large data and raw texts as well. Therefore, database design is one of the most important aspect of website design that ensures the overall performance. This is advised that at time of website building, either a recommendation report or web analysis should be get done by a tech expert before the website is put in public domain for viewing.

Web Traffic Management

Web traffic is indeed the prime reason why websites are created but at times this may also hamper the performance of a website, if the web traffic exceeds from what a website is capable of handling. There can be any reason for this varying from poor front-end framework, or bad SQL, or ineffective hardware resources, etc. This turns important for websites to have optimized resources to handle the increased web traffic.

Loading time of the Website

Since 2010, even Google has started taking into account the page loading time for ranking the website. Not just this, several researches have established that if a website takes more than 2 seconds to load, there are higher chances that the viewer may shift to another website. Therefore, while building a website, it is one of the most important things to keep in mind that the website loading time should be as minimum as possible.

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