Why AWS Is Best for eCommerce Store Applications?

Before we start talking about the importance of AWS, its benefits, services, and features, it is first essential to understand what AWS is all about. Amazon web services are one of the most comprehensive and globally accepted cloud platforms that are serving industries and enterprises of all sizes and natures. With more than 200 features and never-ending advantages, the majority of users are shifting to this robust technology to develop strong structures in the workplace.

There is no secret in the fact that with the rise in technology and advancements there has been a tremendous change in the way people have been living their lives. With changes taking place in all aspects of human life, how can the marketplaces and the buying and selling be left behind? The inclination of shoppers has certainly shifted from the conventional brick-and-mortar stores to the much more convenient eCommerce marketplace. This gradual shift has created unprecedented market opportunities for business houses that wish to procure improved market growth and revenues by setting up online retail stores.

However, the transition to this fiercely competitive business vertical has its own set of challenges. The roadmap to a successful eCommerce business consists of a very dynamic array of determinants including platform architecture, marketing strategy, UI & UX along with value proposition and security. This is where we at Biz4Group come to your rescue and provide aesthetical, functional, and operational efficacy to turn site visitors into buyers.

In the transition from offline to online sales, cloud technologies have become of considerable importance, delivering crucial infrastructure and services essential for boosting eCommerce efficiency.

The 6 Rs of AWS :

The 6 Rs of AWS

Why Choose Cloud Hosting Over On-Premise Servers

With cloud computing providing many advantages to the users, there is no rocket science in understanding why it has become the latest trend and is being adopted by a majority of enterprises globally. Both cloud computing and on-premise servers are computing technologies. However, before a company selects a technology it is first essential for them to understand the difference between the two.

At Biz4Group we help you to decide between the traditional on-premise infrastructure and cloud business model depending upon the scope and requirement of your project. As the force behind the successful development of numerous eCommerce solutions, our developers at Biz4Group encourage the adoption of cloud infrastructure due to the following benefits:


On-premise infrastructure is comparatively costlier than cloud solutions and often needs a dedicated team of IT professionals for the management and upkeep of the system. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, brings perks such as infrastructure maintenance, data security, platform upgrades, and bug fixes.


Data security offered by cloud hosting services can easily beat an on-premise server by a huge margin. With cloud-based services backing your eCommerce transactions, you can rest assured about the financial data and platform integrity.

Almost Zero Downtime

Server downtime directly affects the profitability of an eCommerce store and completely cut short revenues along with customer experience. By signing up with cloud hosting, your business store will experience more than 99% of uptime with little to no loss to the operations.

Backup Processes

With cloud hosting, your website data can be easily backed-up, either automatically or on-demand. With the availability of both onsite and off-site storage facilities, cloud hosting further improves store management and enhances disaster response strategies.

On-Demand Scalability

Scalability is AWS's biggest advantage. The AWS auto-scaling services automatically manage the capacity of resources as per the requirements. Cloud hosting brings along a myriad of functional benefits for your eCommerce platform which on-premise solutions fail to offer.

AWS cloud services :


Why AWS Is Best for eCommerce Store Applications?

Amazon Web services are cloud-based infrastructure-related applications that can easily be scaled and configured depending on the business requirement. Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce company and understands the know-how of leading the market space. Being ecommerce services provider we incorporate AWS services with our experience and expertise that allows your business platform to gain the competitive lead. Our services offer you technological precedence for better interaction, engagement, and sales prospects.

AWS Architecture

To simplify the roadmap to setting up an eCommerce platform, AWS cloud offers CloudFormation templates that can be integrated with just a few clicks. With the correct cloud configuration and architecture, your eCommerce business will always be ready to scale in situations of an unexpected surge.

Handling traffic surge

With conventional hosting solutions, numerous websites report sudden crashes during the peak shopping season. However, AWS services consist of scalability and make traffic handling a simplified process. The platform provides dynamic features which allow the allocation of resources as and when required.

Data backup

AWS is a world leader in providing cloud computing solutions to SMBs and large enterprises working in the eCommerce domain. Its ability to tackle situations, preventing system failures or server damages, ensure operational integrity, and much more enables smooth and error-free functioning of the servers at any given point in time.

Security and Regulatory Compliance

Our developers at Biz4Group incorporate the latest security measures along with AWS security certificates like Payment Cards Industry (PCI) and Data Security Standard (DSS). Moreover, the cloud architecture also comes with tools like web application firewalls, compliance ‘checkers,’ etc. to ensure the best security practices.

Platform Compatibility

Along with core product catalog and checkout services, the eCommerce platform hosted on the AWS cloud comes with inherent compatibility with nearly all the CMS available in the development realm. It also provides added support and SDKs for robust platforms like Ruby, Java, PHP, Node.js, and .Net.

Availability of Nearest Datacentre

While hosting your eCommerce platform on AWS cloud, you get the benefit of choosing the most befitting data center from any of its 66 available Zones across 21 geographic regions around the globe. This leads to quick query handling even during increased customer traffic.

Pricing Models

With AWS, you get a pay-as-you-go pricing or fixed monthly billing model. This essentially means that you only pay for the resources you use. As an advanced AWS technology partner, we carry a substantial lead in eCommerce development with up to 10x speedier and cost-effective solutions.


Amazon’s AWS is certainly the best choice to ensure superior eCommerce applications. At Biz4Group we provide you with amazing competitive benefits and agility, through which your online retail business can boast on-demand rapid scalability and performance comparable to the best eCommerce platforms in the world. Read more about our eCommerce success stories here. To discover more about AWS, and to transform your business ideas into a reality, connect with us at Biz4Group today.

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