Why Choose Biz4Group for IoT Development?

Big IT giants and even many budding start-ups are striving to develop feature-rich and highly intuitive IoT platform that can meet the expectations and needs of their clientele. However, it is rare to come across an IoT service provider that delivers an end-to-end IoT solution jam-packed with required features and functionalities.

Along with basic real-time monitoring and telemetry features, an IoT solution should also have advanced capabilities like analytics and data pattern recognition. Also, a single-stop IoT solution should compound endpoints, gateways, and a portal for seamless execution, which is generally not the case most of the time.

Why is it so Difficult to Find a Good IoT Development Company?

Things in the IoT market are changing very rapidly. In the past 20 years of IoT history, technology has upgraded at an unprecedented rate that has made it difficult for people to choose from so many available options.

Initially, when the technology was picking up speed, many companies started as sole vendors of different components of an IoT solution. For instance, many companies were only selling hardware components while other companies were only providing an IoT platform.

Hence, people had to find sensors and gateways from the best of breed sellers and check if the devices provided by them work on the communication protocol supported by the platform they obtained from an IoT software development company. In most cases, the clients themselves had to build an IoT platform for their unique requirements.

This created a major void in the IoT market that was not filled until a few years back.

In the last 5 to 7 years, many companies that were working on individual components of a complete IoT system have started developing one window solution that doesn’t require users to search for anything else. They are also providing features like data ingestion and processing that makes their solutions one of a kind.

Still, there are very few IoT development companies that can include all 7 layers of a perfect IoT system in the project they develop. Hence IoT enthusiasts need to find a company that provides a complete package in the form of IoT sensors, gateways, and a seamless platform connected with each other.

Enters Biz4Group:

Biz4Group offers innovative IoT solutions that evolve standard operation methodologies for the industries to explore. It helps companies to develop completely-packed IoT platforms by leveraging smart assets that further help them achieve higher profits.

Our IoT platforms are embedded with secured frameworks, event-driven architecture, and can be customized as per your needs. We make sure that the projects we develop include the capability of every layer of standard IoT architecture (see figure below).

Biz4Group: Approach to the IoT Architecture

Since IoT is changing the existential pattern of how things work, we at Biz4Group have taken the initiatives to offer innovative IoT solutions that evolve standard operation methodologies for the industries to explore. Biz4Group is capable of offering the best IoT solutions by leveraging smart assets to provide businesses with higher profits.

Our IoT solutions are complete packages with a secured framework, event-driven architecture, and can be customized as per your needs. Biz4Group aims to support multiple sectors to provide customizable IoT solutions. Moreover, we support in developing an ecosystem of connected devices by providing an end-to-end IoT solution. Implementing these solutions with your businesses will be beneficial for effective decision-making and ecosystem compliance.

End-to-end IoT solution:

A complete IoT solution for end-to-end device management, connectivity, security, and support

Learning and Automated Data Pattern Recognition:

Designed with domain-specific learning and automated data pattern recognition systems to fulfil multiple and individual needs of a business

Quick time to market:

Our solution takes very less time in reaching to its customers and follows an efficient packaging process for quality delivery

Custom-branded solutions:

Following both black box and white box approaches, whichever required, our solutions can be customized as per your business requirements

Modular, highly flexible, and scalable:

Leverage high-end flexibility, security, and scalability by integrating our IoT solutions with your businesses

Multiple protocols:

Our IoT solutions support multiple protocols to stand among the current market trends to stay competitive and create satisfactory business solutions

Biz4Intellia: Our own IoT product:

An end-to-end IoT solution designed to serve multiple industries and satisfy all of their IoT needs

With a potential experience of more than 15 years; many popular review and rating platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch have listed Biz4Group as one of the topmost IoT development companies in the world.

We aim to support multiple sectors by providing them customizable IoT solutions and services. Moreover, we develop an ecosystem of connected devices that can be easily implemented in any industrial setup. Implementing these solutions with your businesses will be beneficial for effective decision-making and ecosystem compliance.

Some Top-Notch Features Biz4Group embed in IoT platforms:

The features we add in our projects helps our clients to fully explore and leverage the technology of IoT. Here is a list of 6 of the most amazing features that help our client to achieve their business objectives and goals:

1) Real-Time Monitoring:

IoT systems developed at Biz4Group allow you to supervise ongoing operations in your company from any place.

2) Multi-Channel Alert System:

By setting up the values of thresholds and tolerances, you can receive alerts on your mobile app or web portal whenever a parameter crosses its pre-defined range in the form of email, in-app messages, SMS, and push notifications.

3) Advanced Analytics:

The analytics and ML features allow you to amalgamate the data and convert it into value-added information in the form of charts and graphs. This information can then be used for predictive analysis to identify patterns and generate useful insights.

4) Unlimited Customization:

IoT products developed at Biz4Group can be customized infinitely as they are built to support multiple communication protocols and hardware from different vendors.

5) Easy to Install and Configure:

Product developed at Biz4Group can be easily integrated and configured for both modern high-tech devices as well as already installed legacy systems.

Biz4Intellia — An End to End IoT Solution Developed at Biz4Group

The IT industry is filled up with emerging concepts and experiments every day. We consider ourselves to be that crucial part of the IT industry which specifically focuses on the key areas of implementing the Internet of Things with the businesses. We have hence combined all the above-mentioned features to build a state of the art IoT platform — Biz4Intellia, that provides industry-specific solutions for varying needs and requirements.

Hence, Biz4Group provide both Blackbox and Whitebox solutions that help users to either select and install a pre-configured IoT solution or customize the product as per their personal and unique requirement respectively.

Concluding Thoughts:

There are several options available in the market for IoT right now. However, choosing the right one can be very difficult. There are even pre-configured solutions present that can save a lot of installation and execution time for companies. Still, you can opt for creating an IoT platform by selecting the best of breed technologies and integrating them with each other.

In such a case, Biz4Group can guide you through your IoT journey and help you create a software to optimize your end-to-end services. So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now.


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