Why to Choose the Full Stack Development for Modern Business

As of January 2020, the global internet penetration rate has raised to 59%, and that tells about the billions of people scattered across the world using internet for various business purposes, either as a buyer or a seller, creating foundation for the online business world. Both websites and mobile applications have become a stable and reliable channel for businesses in both B2B and B2C segment. Also, noteworthy is the fact that with over 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe, we have entered the digital age, where online presence has become mandatory for your business. A number of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and other techs are helping in creation of websites and apps, out of which, full stack development has gained the most traction in recent days.

Understanding the Concept of Full Stack Development

Full Stack refers to the combination of various cross-disciplinary technologies viz. programming languages, frameworks, libraries, databases, and more. It comprises of both the development of Front End and Back End development of a web application. Or, in other words, development of both client and server software comes under the purview of full stack development.

If you are wondering why so much hype to this one tech stack? The answer is the 360-degree approach that can be implemented with full stack is – full stack enables

• Programming of a browser (like using JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, or Vue)

• Programming of a server (like using PHP, ASP, Python, or Node)

• Programming of a database (like using SQL, SQLite, or MongoDB)

Full stack development doesn’t encompass only using HTML and CSS for the static web development but it rather powers developers in creating dynamic web and apps that can serve businesses and help them generating more revenue.


Fig.1 What all full stack development encompasses

An ideal full stack development solution for modern business encompasses – writing of optimized front-end codes, creating and using APIs and back-end codes, working with the infrastructure and hardware (actual devices in real-time), networking and strong security features establishment, understanding and querying databases, and most importantly, project management with continuous client coordination. This is further to be kept in mind that agile methodologies are considered to be the best practice for full stack development.

As in this modern business world, it has become imperative for every business to move fast, more and more people are resorting to full stack development services for creating their dynamic web applications.

There are a number of languages and software that are used at front end and the back end for a web or app development. Below is the list of some of the noteworthy software that are used on client side and server side.

Client Software (Front End) Server Software (Back End)
Bootstrap ASP
JavaScript Java
E5S Python
HTML DOM Node.js
jQuery GO
Angular SQL
React MongoDB
Backbone.js Firebase
Express.js Sass
Ember.js Less
Redux Parse.com
Storybook PaaS (Azure)

With these front end and back end techs, languages, databases, frameworks and libraries, some of the popular stacks have been created like:

• MEAN stack: MongoDB - Express - AngularJS - Node.js

• MERN stack: MongoDB - Express.JS – React.js - Node JS

• LAMP stack: Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP

• LEMP stack: Linux - Nginx - MySQL - PHP

• Django stack: Python - Django - MySQL

• Ruby on Rails: Ruby - SQLite - Rails

To summarize the segment, we can state that full-stack development refers to the development of the front end and the back end of web or app. The process of full stack development is further categorized into three layers –

• Presentation layer (front end with UI)

• Business Logic Layer (back end with data validation)

• The Overlying Database Layer

Let’s take into consideration two of the most famous full-stack development variants of 2020 – MEAN and MERN. Both MEAN and MERN combine JavaScript-based technologies for dynamic development. Only a dedicated team of MEAN/MERN Stack developers can make better use of the stack toolkits for web-based applications, which can aid your businesses ranging from a complete eCommerce platform to a single page web app.

As we have already defined the acronyms MEAN and MERN in our post that states the obvious difference between both as to use of Angular.JS and React.JS. Although both MEAN and MERN support the MVC Structure that is the base of the majority of Full Stack variants, the difference of Angular.JS posing as a framework and React.JS as a library create some differences between the two. The separation between the use of these two full stacks can be understood as – MEAN can help easy development of a large enterprise-level application, whereas, MERN based on its enhanced performance can befit a development of small applications.

What does Full Stack Development bring for Your Business?

By now, we already know that full-stack development includes both front end and back end for the development of a dynamic web or app. On the one hand, front end development includes user view, back end, on the other hand, concerns of server-side development and other updates. There has to be a seasoned team of developers and designers following a proven agile methodology to accomplish a full stack development project. It is imperative to have back end development for the creation of a dynamic website, as they need constant change and upgradation in content, graphics, and third-party integrations.

First, amongst all is having a dynamic website functional for you instead of a static one, which can’t leave a lasting impression on your target audience. Further, with a completely functional dynamic website that has TPAs, different APIs, continually changing content, and upgradations, you can rank your website better in the SERPs and also generate higher traction. What we state concretely is – a dynamic full-stack website can give you a lot more conversion than a static one, and can efficiently take your business to new heights.

If you are entering the modern business world, we strongly recommend you to hitch with full-stack development instead of having a static solution for your business model. There are a number of reasons behind this; including – better client conversion, business growth, higher sales, enhanced customer communication and better customer satisfaction are some of the noteworthy ones. This is also crucial for you to onboard with an experienced and expert partner because the considerate liquidity and efforts that you invest in the foundation of your business on the online platform can give you better ROI (Return on Investment) within Minimum Turnaround Time.

The average turnaround time for a smaller project of full-stack web development will take between four to six weeks, but it is entirely subjective as well. It depends on the size of the project, the requirements, and several other factors. Also, at Biz4Group, we follow agile methodology, where we keep the client updated regarding every progress made for the website. Functionality is another factor that affects the timeframe of making a website.

What all to keep in Mind while Choosing a Full Stack Development Partner?

We, at Biz4Group, redefine the business solution development with leaner and agile methodologies of full-stack development. We channelize all the effort into the brilliant cross-functional development process, which includes both front-end and back-end profiles. We can confidently state that you will be working with the best solution providers for full-stack web development.

Since inception, we have proven our abilities at some path-breaking development platforms like AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, and PHP. More importantly, having delivered over 230+ full stack development solutions, out of which 153 projects were purely MEAN or MERN based, Biz4Group has by far maintained a cent per cent success ratio for all its projects.

Biz4Group is a company sufficiently capable of serving all kinds of large-scale business needs by building professional and optimized solutions with famously recognized tools, an array of programming languages, libraries and frameworks. A team of 60+ dedicated full stack developers and 20+ designers continuously work to deliver the best-in-class full stack development services to clients at Biz4Group.

Conclusion – the Final Takeaway

Through the course of this post, we have learned about full-stack development, various stacks and technologies that come under its purview and how these stacks can help in developing a dynamic web application solution for your business. We have also tried shedding light on how to decide the right full-stack development partner for your business. Apart from all these points, there is yet one thing – that holds utmost importance – ‘the planning and ideation of a business plan that can befit the current market requirement’. Once you have such an idea, be it a startup, or an established enterprise, you can enter the digital domain with your dynamic presence and hit the target audience in the right way.

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