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The Challenge

An efficient and rational judicial system is a vital aspect of a progressive and strong society. Citizens place reliance on the righteousness of the court. Therefore, in order to help improve the functioning, we collaborated with a well-known law firm to develop a unique platform for the US attorneys to take up pending cases and work on them for faster legal proceedings. The concept had a fair share of complexities, and the team successfully resolved all of them while ensuring thorough compliance with the legal system.


Project Highlights

  • Distinguished categories of services to pick from

  • Customer Feedback, Support, and Rating system

  • Responsive and highly optimized

  • Integrated Blog and Articles Section to ensure free knowledge sharing

  • Chat Functionality

  • Online appointment booking

  • Completely compliant and updated with modern court of law


A unique web application that helps the US attorneys to get associated with piles of unresolved cases present in the US judiciary. The platform allows attorneys to join the ranks of the most successful firms in the country and enables them to interact with clients who are willing and ready to pay for their expertise. The platform establishes the prospect’s problem at an initial level and then connects them to attorneys to help with legal proceedings. The platform is highly optimized and thoroughgoing to achieve streamlined processing and enhance the platform’s core services to the next level.

Creative Designs


Leader Of The Effort



Exp: 23+ Years

Subject Matter Expert

Akash has over 23 years of experience in developing and managing large-scale enterprise applications for Fortune 500 companies. His expertise includes system integration and development, software development process enhancement, and coordinating with clients, teams, and activities. In addition, he is proficient in setting up procedural guidelines to establish successful delivery processes and implementing various databases, tools, design patterns, and frameworks.

Why Biz4Group

How We Work As Trusted Advisors?

At Biz4Group, we do whatever it takes to make a product successful. We are not order takers, rather our highly experienced team of subject matter experts and seasoned developers work with you to deliver added value each time.

How Quality Helps

By providing exemplary code quality, we ensure your product supersedes customer expectation with amazing UX, better usability and easy interface. This increases user engagement and overall productivity


We keep supporting your product forever with offerings like post-delivery consultation, continuous server monitoring and DB clean up. We provide cost effective, custom support plans as per business needs.

Going Above & Beyond

Why We Use Reusable Technical Components

  • Efficiency: Reusable components help us save development efforts and deploy the application faster and for less cost.

  • Consistency: With the primary functions being consistent, we get greater control and scalability of the app.

  • Proven Codebase: Various developers have used the code many times, making the functionality already proven in the field.



  • Best-in-class coding practices and stringent QA review ensure top-notch Performance, Efficiency, Security, Robustness, Portability, & Maintainability of your business application.

Extra efforts to make product successful

  • We make sure to go the extra mile for your product with in-depth Technical feasibility studies, Business logic improvement, and Regular brainstorming sessions.


Development Life Cycle


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