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Case Study

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The Challenge

The Front-end of a web application or business website holds great value in terms of usability and creating intuitive and meaningful user experiences. Modern web users mostly prefer an interface that looks and feels modern, is easy to use, and offers intuitive features to achieve their goal. Even from the business standpoint, an optimized frontend is necessary to drive better site performance, leading to higher traffic and conversions. The goal was to design and develop an amazing frontend for a famous financial and accounting platform with thousands of users already registered.

Project Highlights

  • Real-Time Updates

  • Impressive UX/UI

  • Responsive Dashboard

  • Remote Procedure Calls (RPC)


Designed an amazing frontend by leveraging modern serverless technologies such as Lambda, Cognito, S3, and API gateway for a famous financial platform that enables users to manage their overall finance and accounts online. The development of frontend pages was accomplished with a transaction page which was the major functionality required in the product. In addition, an attractive and easy to comprehend User Interface was developed to facilitate a smooth flow of operations.