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Case Study

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The Challenge

One of the biggest insurance firms in the states approached our team to upgrade their existing website and enrich the platform with added features and tools for their customer base. The idea was to enhance the website, both functionally and visually, to improve customer experience and allow the enterprise to create automated flow for most of their common processes. The biggest challenge was not to launch into a downtime since thousands of customers were already using the website to carry transactions and enroll in various insurance plans.

Project Highlights

  • Major enhancements on existing functionalities¬†

  • Impressive UX/UI

  • Added automation features and query resolution section

  • Users can personalize the insurance plans as per their needs

  • Regular updates and notification alerts


Rebuilt the existing WordPress business website, which served as an MVP loaded with features. A unique platform for part-time workers to take advantage of insurance and benefits by devising a plan online. Also, employers can register and contribute to the cause by providing financial help. The website was specifically made to have an aesthetic appeal that aligns with the theme of the project. The backend boasts a PHP architecture with an intuitive interface that enabled the users, workers, and employers, to benefit from the features.


Business Benefits

  • Over thirty percent efficiency surge with simplified management

  • Added features to reduce the manual work and scope of error

  • The major overhaul was made for platform security and transaction safety

  • Due to improved backend, the probability for unexpected downtime reduced to a negligible state

  • Client satisfaction increased by up to twenty seven percent