Developing Successful Real Estate Mobile Apps

76% of all buyers found a home on a mobile application, while 17% of all buyers found an agent the same way.

-National Association of Realtors

We are all a part of a growing digital world where for a business to sustain, survive and succeed, the launch of mobile applications has become a must. Easy connectivity through the medium of mobile apps not only allows the user to search for what they want, when they want but also in staying updated constantly. Right from reaching a larger number of audiences to establishing easy communication with the clients to customer engagement and conversions, a robust, impressive, and informative real estate mobile app is sure to do it all for you. Are you looking for a development company that can help you to achieve all this and more and transforms your business ideas into a reality? if yes, then we at Biz4Group are a one-stop destination for you.

With technology majorly touching every aspect of human life, how can the real estate industry be left behind? Staying abreast with the changes in technology, the real estate industry is on a boom like never before. At Biz4Group we develop real estate mobile Apps that make it possible for consumers to browse several listings, based on the features filtered, without having to physically visit the location. Additionally, brokers and property owners listed on the app can be easily contacted for additional information or to book an appointment to visit the place.

We consist of a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to building apps that can maintain agent-buyer communication, broker task management, customer relationship management, and much more. We bring to you a list of factors taken into deep consideration by us to develop a real estate app from the point of view of buyers and brokers.

Advantages of a Real Estate App for Buyers, Property Owners & Brokers


  • Filtered and Specific Results: Buyers are often looking for detailed information about the property. An app helps them to find what they are looking for. Right from checking the exact location, to access to other parts of the city, maps, etc, an app allows them to discover it all.

  • Virtual tours: We are living in a digital world where virtual tours enable users to get a feel of the place and develop long-lasting impressive first impressions. Clear photos/ videos from various angles give buyers a 360-degree narrative to understand and explore the floor plans as though they are physically on-site!

  • Customer Support: Our apps consist of an AI chatbot, that answers customer queries as and when the users have doubts. They also guide the users regarding the property on sale, terms, and conditions, etc. Additionally, customer support increases the credibility of the company in the consumer market.

Property Owners/Brokers:

  • Property Exposure: Property owners or brokers can list their estates on the app and get a wider audience reach as compared to word of mouth. Brokers can also take this as an opportunity to build on their portfolio of deals.

  • Time-saving: Consumers are always looking for properties that fit their requirements. A robust and user-friendly app allows them to filter their search and find exactly what they are looking for.

  • Task and Team Management: Real estate apps act as a medium for relators to streamline their work. From establishing easy and effective communication among various parties to managing leads, we develop customized solutions for you.

  • Feedback: Consumers can give feedback about the broker involved in the deal, the location surrounding the property, and other factors related to the deal. This will not only attract potential customers but also earn recognition for the brand.

Top 3 Factors to Develop a Successful Real Estate App

#1 Purpose of the app


At a high level, business owners can consider one out of these two models for their real estate app:

Property Buy, Sell or Rent App  

  • An online marketplace for sellers and buyers.

  • Properties for sale can be uploaded, with pictures and other details.

  • Buyers can access these details and decide to either buy or rent the property.

Dedicated Real Estate Company App

  • Designed for the agents of a real estate company.

  • Agents can put their properties on sale, under different parameters.

  • Buyers can access these details and decide to either buy or rent the property.

#2 Features of the Application


A feature that is extremely important and has the power to break or make the image of your mobile app, the right use of features in the real estate mobile applications is crucial to meet the specific needs of the consumer, be it the seller or broker. The imperative features of a real estate app are :

Buyer Dashboard:

  • Register and Login:

    New users need to register to start using the app. Once registered, the users can check out properties for sale.

  • Property information:

    On clicking a particular listing, relevant information like year of construction, floor plan, furnishing, room plan, etc. should be displayed.

  • Search by Filters:

    Buyers should be able to apply various filters to view only the properties that match their requirements.

  • Integrated map:

    Integrate Google maps or other map APIs into your app to help customers find properties and also additional information like public transport, schools, religious institutions, etc.

  • Favorites:

    Buyers can add certain properties to their favorite list and later evaluate them to narrow down their top choices.

  • Calendar:

    Consumers can view/ schedule the dates to meet property agents, check out the different locations and properties, and much more.

  • In-App Messaging:

    This feature allows the buyer and the property lister to communicate via integrated text messaging.

  • Call Back Button:

    In case a call has been missed, this feature will notify the other party to communicate via call.

  • Push notifications:

    Push notifications keep the users updated about new listings, price changes, upcoming property viewings, etc.

  • Online payment:

    Our real estate apps are well integrated with payment gateways and attempt safe and secure online transactions.

  • Documentation Upload:

    To make the documents readily available, and to cross-verify a buyer's identity, multiple documents can be scanned and saved on the app itself.

Property Owners/ Real Estate Agent Dashboard:

  • Property information: On clicking a particular listing, information about the property like images, videos, year of construction, floor plan, furnishing, room plan, etc. can be added/edited.

  • Calendar: Agents can fix, reschedule and set their calendars for meetings with the interested parties and buyers.

  • Digital documents: Sellers can upload documents relevant to the property like contracts, building information, etc. They can also view documents uploaded by buyers

Admin Dashboard:

  • Property management: To keep listings up to date, or add/edit details of new properties and remove those that are booked.

  • User management: Blacklist brokers or tenants in case of issues like supplying fraudulent/misleading information or violating the terms and conditions of the app.

  • Report and Analytics: To keep track of sales on a timely basis.

  • Customer support:To cater to the buyers' and sellers' questions and queries 24/7.

#3 Robust Technology


The right choice of the technology stack is essential to determine the functionality and smooth operations of your real estate mobile apps at multiple levels. At Biz4Group we provide you with a wide array of the best technologies in the world. Here are some options for you to consider:

  • Android: Java, Kotlin

  • iOS: Swift, Objective C

  • Cross-Platform: React Native, Angular

  • Payment gateways: Stripe, PayPal

  • Push Notifications: Firebase, AWS Simple notification service

  • Maps: Google Map API

  • Document Upload and Digital Signature: Adobe Sign

Apart from using scalable technologies to build your application, you need to focus on the database as a separate entity all together! A real estate app should include a robust database since it forms the backbone of the application. Since there will be hundreds of listings for properties on sale, potential buyers should be able to access the property of choice by applying filters. MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL are excellent options to consider while building a robust backend for your application.

Real estate technology trends


Final Thoughts

Users globally are switching to mobile apps not only because it is super easy, convenient, and comfortable but also because it provides all the relevant and accurate information. With more than 87% of consumers switching to mobile applications to find their dream spaces, it is essential that your real estate mobile apps have the potential and the power to convert them from an audience to a buyer.

At Biz4Group we build robust and highly effective real estate mobile apps for you that are an amalgamation of the best in technology, expertise, and experience. Are you looking for a trusted agency to help you create a high-performing and secure real estate mobile app? If yes, then we at Biz4Group, , with our team of seasoned developers, are an ideal choice for all your development needs. To discover more book a free consultation session today!

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