Have You Hired The Right Web Development Company For Your Website?

When it comes to business performance, what is the most basic requirement that poses in this 21st century digital age? Yes! You just hit the bull’s eye – your WEBSITE. Whether we take into account business than spans into any vertical of product or service offering, online presence through a website has become quintessential.

Does your website is sufficient enough to woo the target clientele and give you an edge over your competitors? From custom designs, visual properties to quality content, is your website capable enough of serving as a 24/7 support to your customer base? Does it express your niche expertise clearly to your website viewers through an array of testimonials, references, reviews, ratings and more? Lastly, is your website capable of solving pre-sales and post-sales queries in an automated 24/7 format across your product or service vertical?

If the answer is ‘NO’ for any of the above questions, there is still time for you to take a step back, analyze the situation and hire a skilled web development company to alter your website. Even if you are just about to begin your business, ask yourself if you have hired the right company for your website. Don’t worry! We are here to clear your doubts about that.

In today’s growing eCommerce environment, making a perfect website for your business is no less than a herculean task, because if set on to the right track, your website can help shoot up your business exponentially. This won’t be an exaggeration to say that a quality website is a key to successfully growing business.

Points to keep in mind while hiring the right web development company for your website

Web design company experience

It isn’t just about the look or design of the website; it has to serve the major purpose of flourishing the business. Therefore, while selecting a website development company, their work experience should be taken into consideration. Furthermore, it isn’t quantity that needs to focus, instead, quality should be kept in focus while evaluating the experience of a web design company. Previous work and portfolio of the company exhibit the expertise level of the company. With a deeper insight into the portfolio, it becomes easier to decide whether the company is appropriate to handle your project and will be able to justify the work in your favor.

Team members

It is been said that employees are the real assets of a company and they together establish the worth of the company with their experience, diligence, expertise, and ethics. Also, the hierarchy from the top executive level to programmers of the web design company you have hired, determines how great the outcome can be. Ensure that the company you choose has a complete development team instead of a single person taking on all the tasks.

Office location

Office location is of great relevance while opting for a web development company as that may affect the quality and expense both, depending on the fact that your deployed web designing firm is an on-shore or off-shore soft developer. Further, you may need to have frequent communication and close collaboration with your website development team. Owing to this reason, it is good if the website development company is within an approachable location.

SEO/ Marketing capabilities

Creating a website serves multiple purposes instead of just being visible to your potential customers beyond the physical boundaries. SEO of a website defines the visibility of that website for search engines. Also, it needs a team of an expert development team to optimize your website in sync with Google guidelines and make it appropriate to be crawled by a search engine to rank higher in the search results. Search Engine Optimization doesn’t just end once the site is up and running, instead, it should be taken care of in a continuous manner to ensure that the website stays in top search results. In today’s era, SEO is a major part of online marketing strategy.

Testimonials/ references/ reviews/ ratings

The first footprints of any eCommerce are measured by the testimonials, reviews or ratings the company gets on search engine reviews or other major rating websites. Knowing the views and opinions of people who have earlier worked with a company or have rendered services of that company makes a great difference in many manners. These references, if positive, helps you in building trust and making the right decision regarding your web development company.

Web project pricing

Pricing is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors in determining the collaboration with a web development company. The types of websites they’ve built or projects they’ve handled earlier can give you a fair idea of how much your project should cost. Along with the web project cost, it is also important to discuss MSA (Master Service Agreement), NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), SOW (Statement Of Work) and other service rendering conditions. A web development project may range from several thousand dollars to a million dollars or more, depending on your eCommerce requirements.

Niche expertise

This is one of the smarter ways to evaluate if the web development company is the right firm to take your project and can justify the same in the best possible way. You should always check the niche expertise before rendering the services of a web development company.

Before you hire a web design company the points that you should clear at your end are

After going through the complete checklist to select the right company for your website development, you should also keep in consideration your goals, motive, plan, budget, digital roadmap and overall purpose of stepping on the online platform. This doesn’t just help you in getting the estimated running cost of the project but also helps the web development company to understand your clear requirements and purpose of creating the appropriate website for you. Engagement with your chosen web design company becomes even easier once you have a clear roadmap of the project at your end.

While initiating work with the web design company

At the technical ends, it is always advised to decide the website development methodology. This helps both you and the web development company both to stay updated with the progress throughout the project and the final outcome as well. You should also look for a turnkey solution during the initial discussion with your web design company so that you can lend SEO services and other general website up-gradation services even after the website is made live. Lastly, you should also mandate MSA, NDA, SOW and in the proposal request.

The whole exercise behind opting to have a website for your business and rendering services of a website development company is to maximize the ROI (Return on Investment). It is integral to measure your investment in any web design company, in advance, to justify the final outcomes.

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